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  2. Come by the booth and see us! Source
  3. Do you watch Diesel Brothers? What are your thoughts? Judge rules ‘Diesel Brothers’ liable for Clean Air Act pollution violations SALT LAKE CITY — A judge ruled Tuesday the “Diesel Brothers” business operators are subject to civil penalties under the federal Clean Air Act for selling trucks modified with “defeat” Source
  4. It sure does look like the Fred Sanders Team is getting ready for the start of the Big Rigs Series. This is very impressive. That is the “Silver Bullet” with the new single charger QXK-19 Cummins prepared for action. May 25 at Trumbull County Fairgrounds in Cortland, OH is the date to circle on your calendar. Source
  5. Who’s coming to see the pulls? Come by our booth! 2019 Keystone Nationals! Its time! Get your tickets now! keystonenationalspull.com easternextremepulling.com Reserved and General Admission seating still available! Source
  6. In an imperfect world, Adam found something he could get close to perfect. Hear about the start of Adam’s Polishes from our founder, Adam Pitale. Source
  7. Street TRUCKS Important? Why the STREET trucks are important for the sport . . . DIESEL Motorsports! DIESEL Motorsports has always put importance on the street truck and individual because the numbers are larger than the upper classes. But … Source
  8. Tired of breaking the cheap, plastic injector return lines on your 2004.5-2010 Duramax? Ready for a worry free product that won’t leak? These fuel return rails fit the bill. At only $250 for black and $270 for polished, they are the perfect addition to your fuel system for competition use(NHRA approved) and even stock applications. In stock and ready to ship! #lockeperformance #settingstandardstoexceedexpectations Source
  9. the new rulebook 2019 goes into effect March 1st will be good for the SPRINGS Source
  10. 2017 SPRINGS Source
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  19. Some people’s children…… #notgas #dieselwontlight #juststinks THIS IS TERRIFYING: Startling footage from a doorbell camera shows the moment a man poured diesel fuel all over his neighbor’s front doorstep. Investigators say the results would have been fatal if the liquid had been gasoline. Video: The Ring https://bit.ly/2u5L6Op Source
  20. Congrats go out to Greg Young from Carrollton, Ohio and his 3.0 Dodge named the ‘Patriot”. Greg who works closely with Hunter Snyder took both sessions of the 3.0 division at the Eaton Indoor Pull in Eaton, Ohio with a pair of super runs. The truck is registered for points with the USA-EAST series for 2019. First 3.0 hook is at the EXPO Pull at the Trumbull County Fairgrounds on Saturday, May 25. Good Luck, Greg. File photo by Brock. Source
  21. This truck needs to have a diesel dropped in it! Killer look for this year truck! Source
  22. Another #68RFE transmission down for the count…Fortunately, we have friends in the Sunshine State that had just the combination we were looking for#bestofthebest #suncoastperformance #lockeperformance #settingstandardstoexceedexpectations Source
  23. Adams Polishes updated their cover photo. Source
  24. Adam's Polishes

    Adams Polishes

    It’s hard to believe this all started 19 years ago. We’re thankful for the friends we’ve met, the places we’ve seen & the memories we’ve made over the years. While premium car care products are fundamental to our growth, we know the key to our growth is you. Our team is humbled by your support, and thankful for your business. Adams Polishes Source
  25. STOLEN TRUCK!!!!!!! We are in Denver, Colorado for the RV show and our truck was stolen from the hotel parking lot this morning. Please share and if you have seen it please call the Denver Police at 720-912-2000 07 Chevrolet Silverado 4 door. Truck has aftermarket bumpers front and rear, a shell with huge Opti-lube decals on the side and back windows. Source
  26. Adam's Polishes

    Life in the Details – Coming Soon

    Life in the Details – Coming Soon Source
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