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  4. Puller from Minnesota

    Great to see more Dodge gas trucks pulling. We have one in are group that, when ever he pulls he whip's my butt. It's great to have all the brands pulling. Nice looking truck.
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  6. joined reddit made 1 post got permabanned wasn't a member for an hour

  7. Mile marker supreme lock outs new installed never left shop went another route and dont need 100.00
  8. Headers

    Bbc stahl fend well headers 400.00 2 1/4 primary 4 inch collectors
  9. Check out our clubs https://www.truckpullers.com/clubs/ Now You can start your own club , and have your own events calendar , forums and photo gallery you can manage your membership and set your own privacy , we would love to see multiple sanctioning bodies start there pulling clubs here. this is like your very own website for your club contact me and I can help you point your domain name to your club here. build it and they will come
  10. Hello Everyone! Tell us what you like about the site!
  11. http://www.blackclouddiesel.com/ Thanks for your support
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  14. Here are the two most recent pictures of my truck ! I am currently in the process of going to full pro street class from street enhanced !
  15. maxresdefault.jpg

    Testing Photos
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  20. East Coast Pullers LLC.

    East Coast Pullers LLC at the Great Pocomoke Fairgrounds, Pocomoke city Md. Super Mod TWD Trucks, Pro Stock Diesel 4wd Trucks, along with PS/SS tractor, Hot farm Tractor, and Multi Engine Mods. 6:30 pm, 2037 Broad St. Pocomoke MD. 21851. Contact- 443-614-4456
  21. Last year Northampton getting into the pulloff My run in the pulloff. Cheshire 2015 2013 Canaan street and Enhanced full classes. Head was cracked, made a great pass to get into the pulloff but overheated, ran anyways and came in second in the pulloff (had to rebuild motor after....but it was the last pull of the year) Throwback to 2008 when I drove it from the paint booth to the pull with no time to put traction bars back in...
  22. Introduce Yourself

    Nice looking truck! Welcome!
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