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    Hi Everyone. I just discovered your website. Nice to see one dedicated to truck pulling. I'm from southwest MN and pull with the United Pullers of MN in the SSFWD class with a 1975 Dodge Powerwagon. I'm currently having a new mill put together by MRL Performance out of Chesaning, Michigan. Good luck to all you truck pullers!! Have a great season!!
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    Great to see more Dodge gas trucks pulling. We have one in are group that, when ever he pulls he whip's my butt. It's great to have all the brands pulling. Nice looking truck.
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    Mile marker supreme lock outs new installed never left shop went another route and dont need 100.00
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    Bbc stahl fend well headers 400.00 2 1/4 primary 4 inch collectors
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    Bobby brown FL modified 4x4 naturaly aspirated 73 f 350 check out our fb page southern general pullin team We our family has been pulling here for 30 + yrs
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    This site is 7 years old! time for a major facelift !!
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    Resurrecting an old SS truck from the old days.Motor,tranny and rear end need refurbishing.The name (Spare Parts) definitely fits the bill lol.So that's what I'm up.
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    We use BF Goodrich all terrains. Seem to work the best fro us