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  1. Hi All, I converted a Dodge 100 truck into a PTO power pack. It is mounted on a single axle trailer for ease of transport on and off the farm/property. The engine is a 225ci Slant 6 'Tower of Power' gas motor in great condition. Originally it was from a single owner who was a farmer in MA. The truck was well maintained and has been since I have owned it. The PTO rotates at about 400-700rpm with about 60-120HP behind it depending on throttle. This engine was used to run a 4 horizontal auger, 10 cubic yard mixer wagon which would be full to the brim of food waste and wood shavings. It did not skip a beat. You can use it to power a hydraulic pump, an electric generator, or direct to run a stationary PTO implement. I am looking for $500 or best offer. Email me at abrousseau on the gmail and I can send more info or set up a time to show you the machine in action. Here is a link to see it running... https://youtu.be/T_-eqFqhgHo Recent engine maintenance... Carburetor cleaned at Hobbs Carburetor Electrical System replaced (re wired, re grounded extra grounds) Ignition System replaced (points, capacitor, rotor, coil, ECM, etc...) New Radiator New Alternator Filters/Fluids on schedule New Starter
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