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  1. just sold my 205 for that.... good luck bub
  2. then why does haisley recommend 12V heads and have them on their own trucks? i guess i wish i knew why they do it... patty herself told me that info... they do a lot of testing on their stuff... im not doubting you its just that the figures from her are on paper in front of me...
  3. welcome gene!!!! and there are 4 guys who dont know you.... what a shame!!
  4. hmmm... billet retainers and keepers.. Dustin needs some of that.... i have 150lb springs if ya wanna try those haisley does a lot of dyno testing.... thats what they are great for.... proven numbers... they want me to do their manifold... consists of ATS end pieces and a steel center section that they have made... proven another 20hp on a 1000hp motor.... they all add up
  5. stick with the 12V head..... haisley told me that porting and polishing the 12V head will outflow and ported 24V head.... on top of that you have half the cost in building it (ie. springs, retainers, keepers, valves) so that you can put more into porting the 12V head..... thats just something that i have learned... all the big dog trucks are running the 12V head other than cory atley ( ohio cat truck - 08 ford with a billet block cumins headed motor) talking to haisley he is having issues with that head a lot and the plans are a 12V head...
  6. im going to be that guy to prove them all wrong..... i will be running a studless 12V that will eventually have a set of twins on it... big twins... i have the small turbo already... its a K31 hybrid (72mm) then the big boy is called the phat bastard (95mm) they are good to 110psi and 1600hp according to II game on
  7. to me you done need studs.... you can do over 100psi with good bolts.... just do it right
  8. thats what im going to do.... when i get my head gasket i will be doing the head... new spring, with new bolts
  9. boooost lol.... its running good.... and think i still have to do my head... yeah its stock right now....
  10. well the trans is great... chirps tires through all the gears with a small hybrid turbo pushing 50psi..... thats on half power.... i love my valet switch... full power gets about 60 psi
  11. thats great.... i hope he can help ya a lot... i love to talk to those guys all the time.... picking brains is the best
  12. yup thats the reason why he has a lifetime customer as does brice at BBD..... that car scoots..... looks great... just a straight 1/8 car? that thing is nasty....
  13. need to be pulling or can it be like an action shot? i have none pulling that are good but i have this
  14. yeah the game plan is to have the best of both worlds.... i only know of one truck personally other than mine that has one.... goerend has built a few but he said that he would try one which means i think im the only 47RH with a manual goerend valve body.... and im darn proud of that..... he builds great things.... great warrenties too.... i broke one of his triple disk ones and it was replaced quick.... amazing company
  15. i would say that the pull is cancelled... it just down poured and im 3 min away from bunker at my house....
  16. yes sir.... thats what this truck is gearing towards but i also plan on putting a "stock appearing" turbo onto it for work stock class

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