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  1. A lot of guys are running the 375/65/16 (36x15.50x16) mickey Thompson MTZ tires around central ohio... What is the widest rim y'all think could be ran with these? Thanks, Josh
  2. Yeah sorry, guy bought everything listed but the alternator, bracket, and mandrel
  3. Yeah sorry, guy bought everything listed but the alternator, bracket, and mandrel
  4. 14 bolt full float, SRW hubs, no brakes, Detroit locker, 3.73 gears, spring perches in stock location, 67" wms/wms, shock brackets have been moved, stock 1350 yoke, lots of spare parts come with it: 2 sets of spare axle shafts 1 extra 3.73 ring & pinion 1 4.10 ring pinion 1 extra open carrier with spider gears & bearings Spider gears from when Detroit was installed 1 extra 1350 yoke 2 extra pinion supports 2 extra sets of bearing caps 2 extra sets of side adjusters This is my stock pile of 14 bolt stuff, putting an AAM in so this stuff has to go!! Make me an offer, need it gone! $500
  5. I currently have this motor in my pulling truck & turn it 7000rpms and a max of 7500, has about 20 hooks on it, runs on 110 octane, est 700+hp never dynoed, intake to pan. New motor is here this one needs to go! #3999289 2 bolt block w/ ARP main studs bored .060 over GM forged 4.00" crank cross drilled, profiled, int balanced Clevite 77 main, rod, cam bearings Milodon 7qt pan, windage tray, Melling HV oil pump GM truck rods, shot peened/polished, ARP 7/16" bolts TRW L2307 forged .060 over pistons 13:1 comp Speed Pro moly rings, SS50U low tension oil rings GM #3994026 casting LS6 square po
  6. Thanks for all the help guys, found one!! Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!! Thanks, Josh
  7. Looking for some real wheels, 16x14, 8x6.5 BC.. Would prefer beadlocks but not dead set... Offsets open, would like to have around 10" for the rear, front is whatever I can find. Let me know what you have, trying to buy used before buying new. Respond, PM, or 740-808-6768. Thanks, Josh
  8. Hey guys.. Looking to upgrade motors this winter... Looking for a big bore/short stroke BBC combo (4.600 bore/3.75 stroke round about) with iron heads, less than 514ci.. Looking to buy a complete motor, long block, or short block.. Just trying to save from buying brand new everything and start from scratch. Figured I would check on here first, let me know what ya got, thanks in advance everyone! Respond, PM, or 740-808-6768. Thanks, Josh
  9. Hey Jim... What date(s) and time(s) is this pull? Thanks, Josh
  10. Oh and I have also been hearing that if not running an alternator, it is best to let the steering/water pump/fans run on one battery, then have the fuel pump/ignition/starting run off of the other battery. I know most of you pro-street boys and some cheater stock boys are running hydro steering... Whats the secret guys?
  11. I am hearing alot of mixed reviews on whether an alternator helps or not. I can definately understand that giving the ignition system max voltage, but having just batteries that maintain their max voltage would accomplish the same thing... It may help if I describe the problem I am having. I put hydro steering on last year, same style pump that all the guys in the area are running; haldex with no valving. I am running a 100amp gm 1wire alternator, 4ga wire to battery, 2 batteries wired parallel. Hydro steering pump wired to the pass side batt and everything else driver side... Shouldn't really
  12. How many guys out there do not run an alternator... And if you don't run one but do run electric over hydraulic steering, electric fuel pump, water pump, fans, MSD, etc; what setup are you running to keep the charge up loading/unloading, driving around the track, pulling, etc? 2 deep cycles? 1/0, 2/0, 4/0 gauge wire? What kind of total amps on your batteries? Thanks, Josh
  13. Anything and everything you need to know about hydraulic steering systems, replace the Saginaw pump and reservoir with a Haldex (no valving) pump from northern tool or similar: http://www.pirate4x4.com/tech/billavista/PR-Hydro_Steering/index.html - Check around on ebay or do a search for a forklift junkyard, they sell open center steering valves (brand new ones are like $300-400), look through Char-lynn and Eaton catalogs to make sure you do not get a load reactive unit if you are using a single ended tie rod cylinder since your turns lock to lock will be different (easiest and cheapes
  14. What is the best way to wire one of these up? Components required and cheapest way to do it? Any input from the Pro-Street guys in COTPC that had to do this last year is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Josh
  15. Fire suits, helmets, fire extinguisher in cab, lock for 5 years..... Let's be proactive on safety stuff, only takes one incident to ruin the fun for everyone.
  16. Sounds like we now have: 6500lb BB Pro-Street Class & 6200lb SB Pro-Street Class
  17. "fire suit, helmet" PT, is there any requirements for this fire suit and helmet such as SFI 1, SFI 5, etc in Pro-Street now (assuming it will carry to Cheater); also assume that by suit means pants and jacket not jacket as minimum?.... I know the rules meeting hasnt happened, but I wanna start keeping an eye out for deals on stuff. Thanks, Josh
  18. 468 (454 0.060" over), 13:1 compression, 110 octane leaded, 35x12.50 BFG AT on 16.5x9.75, manual tranny w/ slipper, 26.1 final (3.73 rear, 1.96 tcase, 3.58 tranny)... My dad and I did all the work on the suspension, motor, tranny, ect... Thats not saying it is correct, lol. It definately bogs at the end. I slip quite a bit to get started but it doesnt have any trouble. It tends to bog 500rpms once I let the clutch out at around 25-35ft out. I try to come out of the hole around 6500-6800rpms, bogs to 6000-6300 and regain to 7000 before it bogs at the end. I would like to get it to 7500 rpms goi
  19. Thanks PT and Ross... I know I am well under powered in the class so a gear swap may happen when the season is over. Also don't know anyone that has any 33's to borrow right now, so I think for the fairfield county fair i'll try more pressure in the 35's I have right now and come out harder. Previous pulls I usually come out around 6500-6800, i'll try bumping the rev limiter up and see what happens hopefully not a blown motor, lol. Is a 26.1 final in the ball park for this class? Thanks, Josh
  20. What type of connecting rods and what size are the intake and exhaust valves? Also how big are the domes or what is the compression ratio? Thanks, Josh
  21. I am having trouble keeping my RPMs up once the clutch is all the way out after slipping out of the hole, it seems to build up but not until half track when it seems to be too late. I run a 26.1 final and makes its power from 6500-7500 but I cannot get over 7000 going down the track also run 35" tires. I am looking to get the RPMs up to 7500 before the sled loads at the end without a new motor , no funds for that right now. Would switching to a 33" tire help this out, I assume going to a lower final 28 or so would help out also but I do not want to loose anymore wheelspeed if possible. I am

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