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    Looking for Chevy chassis

    I've got one set up to run weights out front or in the bed just needs a motor
  2. Just go back to the old rules no hanging weight and no bars in the cab.

    Small blocks in cheater stock

    Can't FUCK it up any more then it is already need to go back to the old rules no weight bars and we're it wasn't about who has the most money.
  4. I guess they didn't get to pull sled broke
  5. Yea hanging weight solves everything that's why trucking pulling sucks ass any more
  6. I would of been there but no power and clean up took for ever
  7. I know that zanesville got hit hard tonight so If anyone hears anything put it on here thanks
  8. Is the 309 fast or slow 3rd
  9. I'll take the tranny name a price
  10. SNIDER


    No hanging weight loves sled out of PA what I heard
  11. SNIDER

    Gun club

    Well Jake called me last night and I told him that they are so the rules will fit everyone
  12. They are wonder what it would take to get pullers they are talking 2 classes one with hanging weight. And one without Having a 150 for first place changing the rule to cotpc rules so let's here it