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  1. 7pm start 2.6 Diesel, 6300 open gas, street legal semis as well as 6800 stock gas and 8500 diesel (trophy for stock) www.nwpapullers.com
  2. From what I've seen, with a 3" body lift, there are no clearance issues with steering with the Stahl headers. Friend of mine has the fab shops. He re-routed the steering shaft to go right to frame from column, then down the frame to box using a couple/few universal joints.
  3. Twin disc Ace (Travs4x4) with BBC internal balance flywheel. Two new discs, fresh resurface on pressure plate, floater, and flywheel. Ready to go. Was going to be my back up clutch (I have two same but do not need). Best offer. Call Mike 814-720-7216
  4. I didn't realize that 7500 was 7700, so thanks for clearing that up. They ought to clean that up on the website. I believe that with the weight bar that the high powered trucks settled down quite a bit and were then able to beat the "appropiate hp for the class real street trucks" that lay down without weight. I'm not suggesting at all that it needs to go to pure street and drive it in, but that it should just be regulated a bit so that there's closer competition and not just who can afford to build the baddest most powerful 6300 rwyb truck. Everyone's interpretation is their own on what a good class or good show is. A lot depends on what side of the fence you're on and whether or not you can look beyond yourself to see what makes sense for the betterment of the class, the organization, and especially the fans (who really make it happen). Also, objective observation or opinion should not be automatically considered "complaining". Just because someone wants to objectively discuss what they think might improve a certain class, doen't make them a __________ (insert negative connotation here). Obviously the people on here talking about it are pulling regardless and will just make the best of the situation that PPL or whomever your local organization provides you. Should be an interesting meeting anyways.
  5. I was not talking about 7700 open (RWYB), I was talking about the 7500 open class that runs a couple times a year at some places. After the weight bar was allowed, how did that affect the seperation of the trucks? Distances closer overall or did that allow the power trucks to win by more? Did the weight bar make the competition better? @oldred80, Supercamperpuller, wvdodge and others in this class: This isn't my territory necessarily, so it's whatever you guys want to do. I was just giving you some thoughts on the class I see and hear it. Hopefully there's some middle ground that'll come out of the meeting that will make the pullers happy and keep a quality show.
  6. That's a good point about classes. That does make it more difficult. As Dan pointed out earlier in thread, either don't hang weight's and don't tech or hang weight and have some sort of engine limitation(s)
  7. Most classes want more money, it's natural. Why does a class that's supposed to be entry level and just "modified street trucks" deserve to get a purse that's the same amount as a class of purposed built pullers with big dollar engines? Maybe because the people at the top of this class should be in a higher class considering what's under the hood. Maybe this is the answer. As the class has grown to what it is now and that there are two very different levels of trucks in this class that it needs to be split up so the new guy, the local guy, or the low budget guy still has a place to pull and not get embarrassed by trucks with owners that have the liberty to put a big cube hammer and/or expensive worked over heads in their truck to win just a couple hunded bucks. I don't think anyone is blaming anyone for what the top guys have done as they've not really done any major outside the rules as written (brakes, etc). The point is because it's so open and that the competition has suffered. Somehow the truck count hasn't, which shows a couple things. The lower guys still love pulling and/or they don't have a problem with the rules. Probably more of it's a local place to pull. How does the 7500 open pay? Should 7500 open be eliminated in favor of say a 6500 open and a 6300 street with some rules? Top trucks in 6300 open go to 6500 open and real modified street class have a competitive class. Just some thoughts. I'm sure there's more to it I'm not aware of, just outside looking in.
  8. I don't think that anyone would debate there are some cheap kits out there to make big cubes, but I believe the point is that most pullers out there prefer there be a limit or some limits to keep classes from getting out of hand and have healthy competition, that's all. There's always those who don't though and if no one's willing to tech than it doesn't make a difference anyhow. Many have pointed this out on these forums before.
  9. I've pulled with you guys at Hookstown and Big Knob. Yeah, I'd have to agree that it's a little out of hand. Somehow you still get 20 trucks almost every pull though. It'd take a bunch of you guys not at the top that go to all the pulls to go PPP and make a case. Seems that if this keeps up, the truck count will suffer, but I've been wrong before.
  10. It's a street stock class, most use stock rotating assembly with overbore pistons, so again, it is just a number slightly higher than what an overbored stock stroked engine would be. We had to pick some number to level the playing field to help eliminate any one brand being at a cube disadvantage and allow budget builds to be competitive too. 557's not necessary in a non-hanging weight street stock class. There are other classes for pullers who want to build engines like big.
  11. 6300 lbs. The cube limit was just a number we picked that was slightly higher than the largest engine (Ford) that is .060" over. NW PA Pullers
  12. I pull in a street stock class with a 480ci limit, and no hanging weight. All added ballast must be in the bed. It's not easy to keep the truck settled down, but its fun!
  13. Is it new or used? Mike 814-720-7216
  14. Selling my 33x12.50x18 Trxus STS on 18x10 wheels with 8x6.5" bolt pattern. Used for pulling only last season about 8-10 times. Running my 35's and do not need. $1750 or trades considered. SOLD
  15. Just wondering about this pull. How's the turnout, who's going, nice track.....??? It's a 2.5hr tow and trying to find out if it's worth the time and expense. Thanks in advance for any input.