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  1. Man all these people I prank called just got OWNED! :)

  2. Freakin awesome night at work. Good night. (Thats sarcasm by the way)

  3. I was wondering if anyone who runs cheater stock can post a picture of there u joint shields I have a general idea of how to make one but I would like to see what your guys looks like so that way when I make them I'll pass tech! course I know I won't have that much of a chance at running good since I run a 79 f250 with a 400. Lol
  4. Michael Pacey + A moped - they said it could only go 35 mph x Michael gets it to 40 mph = One happy boy =]

  5. The reason it is for sale is last saturday I was in a car accident and I need the money for the deductable on my insurance. Now get this I was sitting at stop sign completly stopped. And a guy comes by and nails my truck totaling his and mine. And Ohio State Patrol cited me for failer to yield the stop sign. So that is why it is for sale because between the deductable, the court cost and the parts for my totaled to truck to get it back on the road with a salvage title is the reason its for sale.
  6. Ya I remember you rusty you live in saint paris and didn't you go by my house on the way to beavercreek with your wife? And I haven't pulled this year because I want to make sure the truck is solid and good to go.
  7. game tonight with tiff =]

  8. Whats up mightyrat long time since you helped me lol. I was 1990cheyenne on truckpulls.com now the fact the truck is full time 4 wheel drive and since the hubs dont unlock is that a strong point?
  9. I love you baby =] 5-15-10

  10. Well replacing the front diff isn't in my funds right now. Also I don't have a welder. What would you recommend doing to it to beef it up?
  11. Yes its the truck in the sig. And yes dana 60 and 44 from what I understand is the guy before me beefed up the diffs. Not sure what he did. but the both have posi units.
  12. Thanks. I have 33 TSL Thornbirds on the truck. Is that too aggresive of a tire?
  13. I have a NP203 in my truck. I'm not for sure if I'm supposed to pull in 4 Low or 4 Low Lock. I leaning towards lock. What do you guys suggest?
  14. I really like the back round in the second picture.

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