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  1. I thought the rules where "locked in" for a few years. The quicker you drivers realize that the COTPC is a bush league organization that only cares about how much money goes in there pocket and F%@K the drivers. Drivers need to start there own league. Get guys like Trent Thompson, Jason O'Brien, Nick Beveridge etc to run the show. At least they will be fair about it. Why put money in the pocket of dum f#&ks who change rules for certain drivers because they can't beat the top drivers in there class. Most of the cheater stock guys don't like my buddy ( Hitman ) because they CAN'T BEAT HIM
  2. These were $3200 a set when they were made. These are in great shape. I'll have to check the backspacing. $1000 for the set. 740-808-0748
  3. Complete rear axle with disc brakes. $400 740-808-0748
  4. Brand New. Just got them in from Interco, last week. $425 for all 3 !!!!! 740-808-0748
  5. 740-808-0748 No TRADES !!! ( Unless you have 2 Fat Chicks that can do that one thing with there tongues ! )
  6. Inquires don't pay the bills !!!! Greenbacks do !!!!!!!
  7. I'll give you a grand !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. The sooner all you DUM A$$E$ realize that the COTPC is a BULL SH!T organization, the better off you'll be. Pullers need to start there own group with an elected board to make decisions.

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