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  1. Hey Mightyrat ive got just what you are looking for call me 740-808-0061
  2. Im not crying about anything I just thought it was poor sportsmanship if you did give money back then good for you!
  3. We get beatings all the time just was time to put up or shut up. Wasn't the first time we got beat and wont b the last. Hes good so wwhatever. Nick just did what everyone else wanted to do
  4. Well put your money up and don't complain about it. He never said a word about pat he just did what others n that class have wanted to do. Either Ted didn't find it or he doesn't have it aint no different than pat having Anderson pumped 2 years ago. Now the question has been answered so its said and done. But put the money on theblack truck we could use some money after all we r charity puller remember
  5. I'm not out for money and i don't mind giving it away for donation and maybe my truck is a heap of shit never claimed any different. Yeah shaker bad advertisement but either way the money always went to the fire dept you just had a choice this year. As far as Chevy runs better if u have a problem better call pt he started this I'm just defending one of my sponsored trucks
  6. Hey atleast he put the money up instead of just talking crap. Sound like he needs all the money he can get after taking money at stoutsville when only 3 trucks pulled and it got rained out. Guess the fire department nor thad shaffer family could of used it. There is good sportsmanship
  7. Didnt mean to start any trouble was just asking beacuse it is stated in prostreet rules but not ours. I just want a answer before i buy a oil pan! Not like its a big HP gainer just protects the motor at the rpm we spin these things these days. Lost one motor and dont want to add to that number!!!!
  8. Put it in black and white so no one can complain. im not gonna spend the money and get kicked out of all the pulls
  9. Was just wondering are we allowed a dry sump motor? Dont see anything in the rules!
  10. Why whats being complained about now I thought everyone was pretty happy. Easy on the show truck comment some of us dont like cutting our trucks up thats why we are still in cheater stock!!!!
  11. The seat is black. If your interested you can call me at 740-808-0061
  12. 73-87 Chevy front seat. Bought from Distintive truck 5 years ago. Bolts into factory seat location. Has seperate sliding - reclining buckets with oak fold down console in center. Like new $400.00 Pictures available upon request.