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  1. need th sell this guys,800 also have the traction bars and front crossmember for them to fit a chevy i can throw in
  2. i run a stick with solid trans mount and motor mount. side of case is not bolted to frame. no trouble.
  3. i use an aromotive bypass reg sorry,its an a2000 i think
  4. aromotive a1000 with 100 micron filter and 10 micron filter,-12 pressure line to aromotive dual outlet regulator,-8 out to each bowl of carb and -8 return.
  5. just took the 14 bolt out of my truck,its 4.10 gear,disc brakes,steel full spool new berings,cab and chasis hubs.its 62 1/2 inches wheel mount to wheel mount.complete.has traction bar mounts also.900 obo
  6. cab and chassis dana 80 no gears $500 dana 80 stock locker $300 dana 70 stock locker $200 chevy dana 60 drw front $700 all needs to go,make offer.
  7. are iski 904 the same as redzones ? what about crower lifters?
  8. yeah i just bought jesel shaft rockers,but real confused on the lifters,they all seem to have the same specs as far as materials but prices from 300 for howards to 1000 for isky redzones?
  9. getting ready to replace my roller lifters and just looking for opinions on brands?what do u recomend?
  10. it depends on your weight box rules and hitch rules,if hitch rule is rear most point and weight box rule is 1XX" from rear axle then a short bed is perfect there was a guy in superstock here that ran one and killed everyone,the next year the hitch rule was a percentage of wheel base and weight box was measured from front axle.made the short box truck usless
  11. dont forget some 5.0l engines used a 351 firing order,also some aftermarket cammes change the firing order also to a 351.
  12. i have used old liftgate pumps when hooked to the steering box with no problem,dont know what pressures they run at but most are adjustable in the pump head. i put full hydraulic on mine with an orbital valve off a case tractor and bought a new power unit from northern tool and bought a new double acting cylinder off ebay from a guy in florida,allso bought the hose from him. allso if you go full hydraulic let the ram be the limiter,like tthomp said it will break the stops

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