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  1. i m pretty certain its sold last year.
  2. original post was "when did the farm pullers change their rules?" Answer: 2 years ago.. is this what you need to know? you can veiw these rules at americanfarmpullers.com. not much changed from there original rules other than the hitch rule.
  3. at the meeting in question, there was a vote to notvtake dues being the current money was just sitting thefe.
  4. I would call Don Smith about the carb and tunnel ram wording . It should read the same as ppl's open street rules do. No where else allows it so you would be building at your own risk there. I personally would not mind it. But no one else is currently running one so I would be Leary to spend the money
  5. No replacement for displacement is a myth . It can and will get trumped by the almighty dollar. Find me an article where an aluminum head, ported or not will flow more or make more power. Like Ratticool said. The current pullers at the time voted on these rules you are seeing now. It is truly cheaper to build with in these confines then what we had in the past. Not sure if u pull or just planning on building a truck but you can generally buy a good truck a lot cheaper than u can build one.
  6. not sure who u are flat broke and first or last but those rules have been in place going on the third season now for the farm pullers. if you think u want to build an ostpa truck then by all means come pull in there rwyb class. cubic inch rules have proven to be ineffective with brush pullers. if you think im wrong then check out the cotpc cheater stock class and read those rules. no alum heads and no dominators and one came down and pulled in our 6300 lb class year before last and won against truck with,dominators and alum heads a way more cubes. its all about the money. speed cost money...ho
  7. can u get your posse to come to caldwell?
  8. 50 in the front is a bit much. You just have to trial and error. All trucks are different in what they,want/need.
  9. i cant go wider than 10"
  10. $300.will trade for 15x10" wheels with staggered off sets.
  11. What size? i may know someone interested.

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