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  1. I have seen 20 or 30 foot rules also. Beat second place by that much and you are DQ'd. Typically in an entry level class you won't have a truck or tractor for that matter that will put that much distance on the second place vehicle if they are within the rules.
  2. PROFAB Drop Box

    What gears does it have? 1" wide?? 1 1/4"??? What Bull gear is in it? Thanks

    Why, you got that thing running?
  4. GM 088 Cylinder heads

    They work pretty good. Those heads are very similar to the 990 heads. My old motor made 675hp and I have seen quite a few make over 800 with those.
  5. electric steering

    I had my full hydraulic setup at 1200psi and it would turn the tires without an issue with the truck just sitting still. I just played with the pump pressure until it would move them without the speed slowing down. This was with 1200lbs on the weight bar.
  6. electric steering

    Wow!!! Did you really need that much pressure to turn those big tires? I put a sleeve over the bolts to keep them from bending over. Mine also didn't pull real bad from side to side since it didn't make a ton of power or have a lot of tire under it.
  7. electric steering

    Most pumps will have a regulator. I would just start real low and give it just enough to turn the tires. The other way to find out is to blow one apart and then don't go that high on the next one. I will have to check with one of the guys I run with to see what his is at. His has been together for a long time.
  8. electric steering

    With using the stock steering box you do the same thing for stopping the turning radius. For plumbing the pump you would just need a pump and resevoir and you would plumb the pressure line into the pressure side of the gear box and the return from the return side just like it runs from your stock power steering pump. Like was said before, you have to be careful with the pressure so you don't blow the gear box apart.
  9. electric steering

    You also can just extend the steering stops on the axle so that you don't damage the headers or fenders.
  10. electric steering

    I used one off of a JD combine. It actually had an orbital valve that controlled a directional valve that controlled the hydraulic cylinder. Worked great and only cost me about $40. If you understand hydraulic systems it won't be too bad. Let me know if you need some parts, we have a combine junk yard around here with dozens of those things.
  11. Neutral Safety Light

    Weld a washer to the shifter and get a clutch pedal switch or swizel stick switch and then mount the switch to the floor and put the switch through the washer. This way when you shift into gear it will activate the switch. Let me know if you need pictures.
  12. Very true, limit the chassis and then the motor does not have as big of an affect.
  13. electric steering

    The cheapest way would be to get an electric hydraulic pump and plumb it into your factory steering box instead of your factory power steering pump. A couple of guys around here have there's set up like this and they work very well.
  14. We had a guy in our class this year drop somewhere in the range of 40K for Reher to drop a motor off at his door. With factory heads, block (well it was supposed to have one) and a 4150 carb. This was for our clubs entry class! Doesn't really matter what the rules if someone has the money and wants to spend it on their truck they will. And that is their choice.
  15. cast iron cylinder heads

    Does the flow drop from the peak or stay steady? You can still lift the valve past the peak flow point and still make added power. Remember you will come back through that peak point again as the valve is closing also. My stock headed 475ci motor had .775" intake lift!