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  1. Copied from PSN. Which is copied from Cummins forum. http://powerstrokena...ad.php?t=110369 This year the dyno will be held on August 27th at the same location and on the same day as the TDTPA sanctioned sled pull. It will be held next to the new Valair Clutch location in Mineral Wells, TX. Registration starts at 8:15 am and the first truck pulls onto the rollers at 9:00 sharp. Classes are as follows: 0-450 450.1-550 550.1-650 650.1+ fuel only Big dawg open class (nitrous and/or water meth) All nitrous or any other enhancers must be mounted on truck (no bottles setting on the
  2. Get at lease stage 1 injectors with tunes, turbo should be ok unless you want more boost. Theres no injector pump on a powerstroke. Those are on IDI diesels up to 1993. You also should up[grade the high pressure oil pump for the newer injectors.
  3. why is this site the only site that will not keep me logged in using the saved login feature?
  4. i havent seen one since like late last year. and that was in dallas. however there is one up north in a month or two iirc.
  5. hobbies cost money. but oh so worth it ahahaha
  6. tc on its way!!!!!!

  7. tc on its way!!!!!!

  8. ok im seriously thinking of getting this.(when the funds allow) stock trans, upgraded trans cooler, chip with like 140hp max, would the single disk work ok? and whats the stall speed on it. and what gains would the lower stall be?

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