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  1. Everyone be talking they want solid rear suspension then have OB change it for the shootout and see what happens.
  2. Need a clean one ton frame for a street truck. Call Richard 614-496-6145 or text pictures and price.
  3. Wooster Ohio one of the first look at farm and dairy website.
  4. Set of 4 33-14.50-15 on real wheels 14 inch wide 5 inch back spacing on front and 5.5 on rear $2,200.00 not a penny less unable to by them call Richard if interested 614-496-6145
  5. I had a custom set of springs made so this rule change is to out law my rear springs. 24 inches long springs 6 inch bow 3 inches wide and 1/2 thick on factory hangs and a shackle, It was stiff but would move some going down the track. This class is built in grey areas now I guess each year wording going to change to stop the guys up front.
  6. I had the perfect solution in the rules meeting last December and they vote against it. 4 FACTORY OEM SPRING ONLY NO HOMEMADE STEEL OR ALUMINUM. Rules reading in this way stops all grey areas. I had factory springs until the last 6 pulls to compete you have to equal the playing field. This year it will just move to a different area. Hitch 2 years ago springs this year, Next.
  7. Its dying for sure, I remember having 32 trucks in cheater stock at Urbana 3 years ago and your lucky to see 12 now. This year I bet 10 if your lucky. Pro-street lucky to have 5 or 6 and 2.6 is around 12 this year I was told with 2.5 coming.
  8. That's right Crewcab this rule is intended for the top 2 trucks in the class (MINE AND HITMANS). Ted teched all trucks at Washington Court House pull in September and all trucks past tech and was legal per the rules. Now there not legal and will be DQ. But Dennis said they wasn't changing the rules. Dennis if was legal then its legal now.
  9. Ok I called Dennis Long and the new clarification of the the rule.I was told not a new rule just clarifying the old rules is that the tech guy or drivers must be able to physically move the rear suspension to one inch by their self pushing on or getting into the bed.Any addition wording to rule is changing that rule in my opinion and not clarifying. Just my 2 cents.So i guess you guys with more than 4 springs like a stock 8 pack of springs are no legal anymore.Come on what a joke this is to make a couple happy. P.S. ITS NOT SOLD AND WILL BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I was told that a possible rear suspension change is possible coming to COTPC CHEATER STOCK. If I recall rules where locked from 2014 to 2017 for three years starting in 2014.Dennis Longs own words in the meeting at Washington Courthouse pull in September over this same complaint. Now one inch of travel will be determined by hanging 225 on rear of bed.If your truck does not compress one inch then your not legal.(THIS WAS NEVER VOTED ON BY PULLERS).Take a stock truck with no hanging weight and this is impossible,Add 1000 lbs 61 inches out and good luck. Sounds to me if this is true thats rules voting being locked is BS and the pullers input means nothing. Time for some changes if this happens. Pullers need to meet and discuss what they want and not what Ted or who ever else techs this year.
  11. Call and pre register from 9am - 4pm 1-740-653-3041 10 spots still open central ohio cheater stock rules 6200 pound.Pre register only pull. Pull october 9 th 7 pm.