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  1. 1977 chevy 4x4 8ft stepside sbc roller motor brand new this year 2 runs 205 transfer 4sp with mcleod dual disc 33 truxxus on ion wheels like new weights and weight bar 8500.oo must sell trades accepted oliver tractors 1740 644 7667 Bill
  2. Anybody see the payouts for Mt.Pleasant Shoot out,once a year pull, think they could pay a litte more than 25 for 5th place.
  3. 1977 chevy 8ft stepside sbc roller motor brand new this year 2 runs on motor 4.10 detroit front and rear 4sp with mcleod dual disc 205 transfer 33x16 truxxus brand new last year ion wheels weights and weight bar have all paperwork for motor 8500.00 must go trades accepted oliver tractors 1740 644 7667 Bill
  4. Heard they are running weight bar,so I would say yes..
  5. your truck does not comply....hahahah looks like same thing as gunclub from the first pull at glenford.
  6. Well make it 3 over here,I had to start over due to spun bearing. New block,and crank not what i had in mind for this year.
  7. Everbody to busy workin on there truck,so they can keep up with you Snider...
  8. Famous saying by all pullers......Its for sale....hahahaha
  9. Better ad another 1000 or 1500rpm on the stall depending on were your cam comes in...
  10. No,about 50 percent,but you can get anything hook over here...might just use them for a bon fire.Have a good Christmas. Not sure but have a buddy droppin back to cheaterstock,said he might sell his truxxus 36-14s keep you posted.
  11. What did you end up with Snider?Got some 35 at's but they need 16.5 rims,might use them at Glenford....
  12. I have 33s and a smallblock,guess I will be pulling with JimBob at the turd round up......wow...
  13. Didnt work very well on a big block chevy.....

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