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  1. Since its a money game they would rather spend more money on buying a cast head if messed up than fix a alum. head, DON'T MAKE SENSE. Afraid of making more hp when already making 900+++++++. STUPID AND SCARED
  2. Yes U did and I'M glad it makes for a better pull for all. Thanks for coming down. I like watching different trucks run.
  3. To far for them to come and play old red. 1 of r's went up to play last night see if they return the favor. 2 came to caldwell just another 30 minutes but they won't show.
  4. So u don't like it when some one gets on u about your so called jokeing and someone jumps back. Can't handle it stay out of the kitchen. Really shows ur a man on words chosing on how u explain ur self. I'v just used ass but now I'm a C*** sucker shows how STUPID u are and really shows ur intelligence what a GOOF. I guess u can bash me, Mighty, and the rest of us. Ur not worth my time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Don't fit put them on trailer and get OUT. And as for my agony its listening u on here pt whine and stir stuff just to be a smart ass. Isn't no wonder people don't like u!!
  6. I think u cryed all the way home. At least I had a bus what is ur problem dumb A$$.
  7. I can remember when u brought ur WUSSY so called street truck down this direction u no the Red and Tan one and we had rules and ur truck didn't fit thinking we were stupid so we sent u back home with ur tail between ur legs after u ran. U no performance truck ur not happy unless u are sturring the pot. Shut up and be a man about things not a WUSSY. The only reason there is hanging wait is because WE NEED TO BUILD BIGGER MOTORS and u can't make them lay down without the hanging wait. We had more fun with less money in motors than we do now at that SUCKS, and u make it worse by running ur fing
  8. What u doing selling out!! HA HA
  9. Call I will go if I can. Hope u didn't leave the finder this time:lol:

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