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  1. 900 hp bbc 8500 rpms th400 NP205 60/80 combo 33's now do i run 5.13s or 5.38s final drive with 5.13 be 24.93 5.38 is 26.15 alot of guys always run a 400/208 with 4.10.s for a 26.64 but i wanna change axle ratio
  2. morels and have over 50 dyno pulls and 200 hooks on them in my pulling motor my 67 nova has crower with hippo option and has over 11,000 street miles and still going.
  3. i went to a PTC converter this year an switched to a 26.3 to 1 final drive since my motor falls about 900 rpms from start to finish in the pull. still running the 383 since my 470 stroker broke on the dyno again... took out a cam bearing
  4. oh my new motor is up there in that power range now.
  5. my final drive is 24.30 power with old motor i have no idea. does good against guys with 550-675 anything over that they are about 5-10 feet in front of me.
  6. there is a guy in our class that has a 555 ci big block in a class limited to only 470 ci... comes down to who you know, i only know what he has cause the guy that builds my motors was putting it together when i picked up mine.
  7. i think im a little over my head so i have to start some place. here is a vid with the old 383... this is the pass my converter decided to let go internally
  8. around 10-15 trucks. the won that wins it is a sb 434 th350/np205 truck with 4.88's with 33's. we only did the autos cause everyone told us auto guys they would kick our butts. well long story short we are always in the top 3 and the guys that said would kick our butts are in the top 7-8 now. i was running a 383 mopar big block around 450 hp with a PTC converter. now i went to a 470 stroker with 680 hp now we will see if i can get that 1st all year long. just gotta figure out the hop off the line
  9. get ahold of berry cams in minnesota. he does alot of stuff and did alot of pulling cams for my couins cummins tractor

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