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  1. Well the name is Paul, Have been around on a few of the better diesel forums from 1999 or so. Have been working on 7.3L powerstrokes that long and the 6.0L powerstrokes the last 3 or 4 years. I try to do as much work as I can myself , Engine, trans, remove and replace. Repairs ball joints, wheel hubs, brakes and bearings and all. i don't know everything but I have spent allot of time learning the different engines and what makes them go and why. I also do the work on my boy's 1996 F250 soon to be a sled puller and his 2005 F350 CC Dually 6.0L Now I have 3 trucks: 2004 F350 CC Dually 6.0L day to day driver and to pull mommies camper 230,000 miles 1996 F350 CC Dually was my day to day driver and camper puller till the bed rusted away from the hitch rails and the turbo is getting tired. 340,000 miles 1995 F250 Reg Cab 4X4 that I just bought because the price was too good to pass up on even as a parts truck, soon to be my first sled puller. I guess I am going to learn to compete in the heart of Dodge Country ( Licking & Perry County Ohio Area) with two powerstrokes.
  2. Well I guess I could add something about myself.

    Bought my first Diesel in 1999 and took it uppon myself to learn the ins and out of the 7.3L. Then the youngest boy got his and I have been working on his and mine. He now has a 2005 6.0 and his 1996 7.3L Bought my 2004 with a 6.0L in 2006 I think and now have a 1995 7.3L that I am going to dedicate to sled pulling along with the boy's 1996

  3. I do know that when you take the rockers loose the lifters often expand and the internal piston can bind at the top of the bore. This makes for bent pushrods or valve stampped pistons the first time you crank it over. Once the pushrod is in and the rocker on, take a small hammer and tap the the rocker over the pushrod to make sure the lifter piston is free to go soft before starting it.
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