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  1. Thanks, I have to get the front weight bracket finished and a couple other things. I have since started on doing some stuff to the engine... I still need to add my all-thread bump stops to the outside of the frame...I am using gusseted angle iron welded to the outsides of the frame with a 1 inch hole drilled in it with all thread ran through it to the top of my spring pads so I can set it up to run with working suspension like alot of guys do...That way I can run 1, 1.5, 2, or however many inches of suspension travel I need...
  2. Here is the rearend all welded solid into place and some shots of our removable lower driveshaft loop I built with some hitch tube and 8 inch diameter by 3 inch long Schedule 40. We drilled a hole in the top piece of matching Scedule 40 and bolted it to the main cab crossmember and put 2 tack welds on it so it wouldn't turn. Don't worry, the top shield is temporary, I will be building a complete removable driveshaft loop setup with the two 3 inch u-joint shields and two 2 inch pieces of 8 inch schedule 40 all welded and bolted together. Ignore the chicken-chit welds. We were having welder prob
  3. Cat. 2 links... Sched. 40 inner pipe and Cat. 2 links... Driveshafts...The top one is the factory 1310/1330 one...The middle one is the shaft I had built...The bottom shaft is whats left of the Super Duty shaft... Spring hangers I am using for traction bar frame mounts... The truck again...
  4. I bought two Category 2 tractor top links for traction bars and four Category 1 links to lock my suspension...I took the Cat. 2's and cut them and I am sleeving them inside with 1 inch Schedule 40 and plug welding them and sleeved the outside with 2x2 inch 11 gauge box tubing (No one sold round tubing that would fit over it) that will be pie cut and welded plus being plug welded...I bought all my axle mounting tabs from Ballistic Fabrication and on the frame end I am using Ford F-53 Motorhome 2.5 inch spring hangers to bolt my traction bars too...I bought a 32 spline 1410 NP205 yoke and a 29 s
  5. Is this on the 2nd or the 6th?? Your site lists the 6th...You say the 2nd...
  6. I dropped the shaft off at the driveline shop today...It will cost me 60.00 to have them cut and weld it and then balance it like I need...By the time I deal with all the BS of getting it setup and welded, it will cost me more in time than if they do it...
  7. I found a Superduty shaft today that I have to cut down and reweld cause one section is long enough but has the wrong ends, the other part of the shaft is too short but has the right end on it...I am going to just do it myself tomorrow here at the house and I'm not going to worry about balancing the thing...I have built them before and not had a problem as long as you don't street drive it, they are ok...Should be fun...
  8. Well, we decided to chain the truck to a big tree in the back yard and put a load on it too see if it would wheel hop bad with no bars, the engine wouldn't bog down or misfire...It pulled all 4 tires hard and the clutch held...Then on the third try the truck did a 4 wheel jump into the air and the rear yoke gave up the ghost and got the driveshaft...After we pulled it out and looked at it we realized it was just a ticking time bomb...The yokes were touching from the driveshaft angles so I am going to take care of that...I am going to find a bigger driveshaft for the rear as its just a skinny 1
  9. Its a red clay track...I am going to try and haze the tires out of the hole cause slipping the clutch is not gonna work...
  10. Soooo...I have a 77 Ford F-150 regular cab short bed that I traded a lowered early 90's 2wd Chevy for...I won't have the diesel truck ready any time soon so I want to pull the F-150 here locally...The truck has a 390 (460 setting on shop floor for after the 390 goes), stock clutch, NP435, 205 case, 3.55 geared full float Dana 60 8 lug in the rear and coil sprung 5 lug Dana 44 high pinion in the front...It has 15x10 steel wheels (5 lug front, 8 lug rear) and it came with brand new 35x12.50x15 B.F. Goodrich AT's...It has 5 inch lift on it and is pretty "soft" in the nose so it should do well goi
  11. Good, I am going to drag my old F150 down there and see what it will do in the gas class...This should be fun with 3.55 gears and 35 inch tires, I don't see the 390 liking it much...I won't have the diesel done so I will go beat on the old gasser...
  12. I got a fairly stock 1/2 ton ford I want to pull, am I going to have to put a set of shields and loops on it to compete?
  13. Any contact info about this pull, I need to find out the rules...

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