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  1. -10 line from tank to 100 micron filter, magnafuel 300 pump, -10 line to regulator, 2 -8 lines with dual 10 micron filters out of regulator to both bowls. -8 return line from pump to tank.
  2. congratulations,your screwed now. Truck pulling is a wicked disease that you have contracted. Be ready to eat sleep and breath truck pulling like the rest of us.
  3. I agree, 100% . If your serious about pulling put a 465/205 combo in it. I actually tried to do the hole automatic thing too, didn't work out for me. I went to the dark side and put a 465/205 in it and haven't looked back. If you really want to get some good info about running an auto, get ahold of a guy that goes by the screenname "Leadfoot". He runs an auto and does really well, he'd be the guy to talk too. good luck bud
  4. Thats a pretty sweet looking truck, welcome to the site.
  5. It's a dedicated puller. What works better, Long or short? above or below the axle? The bars i have now are fairly long and mount to the bottom of the axle, they're made of 3/16th thick 2''x2'' tubing.
  6. Hey guys, i'm looking to build some new traction bars for the truck this year. It's a 1986 GMC K30. I guess i was just looking for some ideas or maybe a couple pictures to check out what you all have done. Thanks
  7. TTT for a really strong running motor. someone will be very happy with it.

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