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  1. I did not use them as I am in a "Stock" class. They look great well made. My only gripe was they did a poor job packing them & mine came w a ding in it from being shipped. They offered to exchange, but I just held on to them.
  2. I used a set of Hookers 2 in. primaries for my truck. The drivers side is easy, the pass side is a little work, but very doable. I bought a set of Mad Dog headers, I never tried them they hang on the wall.
  3. Are they soft? How do they compare to the tires put out a few years ago?
  4. Unless your running a TON of HP the stock input will work fine. We have run them behind 496's - 540's with no issues yet. Depending on your HP / Tourqe of course.
  5. Found 3 & done buying them for now.
  6. I'd jump on that if I was closer. I can't find a Dana 60 around here.
  7. Glad to see the attention & cleaning it up. Site is laid out nice & should be used more.
  8. I am building a truck from the ground up. I am wondering if anyone has pulled both & noticed any difference between the two frames? I am talking about the years 1973 - 1989. {Keeping in mind the 1 tons were still the old body style in 1989.} I have always pulled a 3/4 ton frame & have not seen many 1 ton frames used / pulled.
  9. I have never used this set up before. I am wonding what advice you might have. It would be behind a 500+ cu. BBC Pro's Con's & things to watch out for. Thanks
  10. Thank You! That was nice of you to send it & it works well. It is just what I needed to help me figure what direction I am going to go.
  11. Looking for the formula to figure out wheel speed. Thanks
  12. Better to just get a full size vs. short bed. Your starting at a disadvantage with a short bed. JMO
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=fgi1B-EP68w&list=UUMYlAyrGmujxy6OhSz75GMg

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