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  1. Looking for some 31,32,33's 12.50 or wider tires or wheels.. If you got anything in that area..
  2. Event Title: Truck pull Event Author: streetpuller Calendar: Alabama Truck Pulls Event Date: 3 November 2012 (Single Day Event) H & G Motorsports TRUCK & TRACTOR PULL SATURDAY: November 3, 2012 Antique Pull Starting around 12 Noon Truck Classes Starting at 7:00 pm CLASSES 3,500 A 10,500FSN FARM TRUCK DIESEL 4,000 O 10,500SCT UNLIMITED 4,500A 10,000HS 10,000 HOT FARM 5,000 O 12,000FSN 12,000 HOT FARM 5,500FSN 10,500PFST SUPER STREET TRUCKS 5,500A 9,500HS DIESEL TRUCKS 5,500 O
  3. Event Title: Perry County FFA Pull Event Author: streetpuller Calendar: Alabama Truck Pulls Event Date: 20 October 2012 (Single Day Event) 3rd Annual FFA Antique Tractor and Engine Show & Open Class Tractor and Truck Pull October 20th, 2012 8:00am Perry County Saddle Club Events: 9am: Bake-Off Contest (Pies, Cakes, Cookies, Yeast & Quick Bread, Fried Pies, Fruit Cobbler, Biscuits, Cornbread) 10am: Tractor Games and Corn Hole Tournament 11am: Skillet Throw (Classes for ages: 5 to adult) 11:30am: Tractor Ride 12:30 pm: Kiddy Pull (Classes for ages 2 to 8 y
  4. What size motor you running.. I am looking for a sm465 with cut gear- gears in it
  5. Whats some ideas on how I should put a hitch under my 4x4 truck

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