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  1. Need 2 tires,35-13.50 or wider tires in either 15 or 16 inch..new or slightly used,no wore out ones..217-827-0588
  2. rolling chassie,400 turbo,205 transfer case,spicer rear,5:57 gear,33-12.50-15 tires,bead locks,new frt wheels and tires,large aluminum radiator with dual fans,,,new,guages in truck,battery disconnect,switchs,etc,slidding weight rack,ready for your motor.. stainless fuel cell,,single wire alternator,,all there ready to go... email me for pics,can`t seem to get them loaded,,217-827-0588 $3000 I have the title also..I`ve also got 4 Trxus STS 33-14.50-15 tires for an extra $250,2 are about 75%,other 2 are about 40%
  3. hey guys,we got a new class this yr in IL so i`m building a 2 wd puller.We`re limited to 33x15.50 tires,DOT approved,which ones the best??thanks...
  4. Ford Divorce transfer case,good shape,203 I believe but would have to check..$200,U pic up.. 217-827-0588
  5. how much for the tires and where are you located??

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