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  1. is that like sv-1 carb and the e85 fuel is not a consistance octane is what i be seeing an hear????
  2. i have dart bbc intake about 2 years old 250 buck
  3. dont think it will fit on gmc
  4. welcome to the family good luck with the new truck you never know how it my go. see you in a few months bowtie
  5. ha josh or mike call me 740-808-0646

    thanks pat

  6. you can get a old liftgate pump will work too that what we uses ( tommy liftgate ) off old delvery truck
  7. dana 80 rear 60 front 410 gears new ball joints in front all ready for truck pulling season $800 for rear $500 for front o all so i got a y pipe for 4 inch stacks $100 obo
  8. 03 to early 07 ram air cowl hood in black primer some small dents i have two hoods to choose from $250 bucks call pat 740-808-0646 thanks
  9. ok got a number to reach u at

  10. when you going to have it out

  11. so do u still want to sell it for 500.00

  12. will u take 400 for it

  13. do u still have that 6000 stall converter

  14. we are parting out 2001 dodge ext cab rolled over 5.9cummins 5 speed with south bend clut. fas full filter and pump call with what ever parts u are looking for all must go call 740-808-0646
  15. 150hp top shot nos system inc bottle 350.00 call 740-808-0646
  16. too all u that want to go back to 5800lb and little tires why dont we just put engine size back to 454 stock heads stock carbs and intakes no headers stock exh out the back hek let go back to steel wheels with ground hogs and go pull the old sled down at halsville
  17. i have dana 60 locker true trac 250.00 740-808-0646 thanks pat
  18. that a good thing put it up front whats going to happen if your cheating
  19. i think mightyrat is right on the carbs 4150 is where it should stay i think locking rules and the truck bodys and floors an safety stuff is a no brainer

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