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  1. I have a personal reason for ASKING if everyone could please put this as their status for one hour. I know the ones that will!! Think of someone you know or love who has had cancer. My wish is that in 2011 a cure will be found. Will you post it? Just for one hour. There are too many to mention who have fought and are fighting. I hope to see this in the status of all my friends

    1. bowtie



      i losed me dad day after christmas.

      too cancer it a very evil desiese hope everyone does what you ask god bless keep the hope bowtie

    2. FreakNasty4x4


      we just lost my bestfriends uncle to this evil desiese they gave him till thanksgiving he made it 4 months after that. he fought it for two years i hope people do what u ask my hart goes to all the familys that has lost or is lossing someone to cancer......

  2. dave, i guess i dont recall ever seeing your drive shaft loops, they look good man
  3. if they allowed every one to runa 62mm turbo, then the d-max guys would be pissed because they are gettin beat by 12v trucks again. the biggest down fall in work stock for the older trucks, is there smaller turbos. u can make 5-600 on a common rail stock turbo, but on a 12v, most u can make on fuel only is round 400-450, and when u hit that much, ur actualy choking the turbo out, and actualy hurting urself more than helping.
  4. hyde, get a didge and be happy man
  5. welcome to TP. im also a fellow bomber. im from north central arkansas
  6. chiefs are 4-2 best win record in several years

  7. best thing to do is find a donor motor and buy all the parts off of it for the swap. parts u will need pump pump mounting brackets pump gear timing case timing cover injector lines throttle assymbly since ur truck is a 99, u will not need the adapter for the cam sensor like the 01&02 do. the throttle assymbly, u can modify ur stock 24v one, but will have to build brackets.
  8. finaly got the vidoe posted, her it be
  9. not yet. i may have a set of 4.56 gears to throw in it pretty soon though
  10. i recently tore the rear pinion out of my truck. i have 3.55 gear in my dana 70. i have a guy i go to church with that is gonna give me a free set of 4.56 gears that cam out of a 90 model dana 60 front and dana 70 rear. my question is, will the 4.56 be to low of a gears for pulling with my setup? im pulling with 35x12.50 tires
  11. my prayers go out to all the families and friends that have lost loved ones over the past week

  12. only action shot of mine is in a slide show here, idk how to get it off there, but if someone knows, they can do it. here a link to the slide show, mine is half way through it. u can use any of the diesel ones u want http://s941.photobucket.com/home/matpa_photos/recentuploads?view=slideshow
  13. tried my luck in the 2.6 class, and made it 1 foot. ended up breaking the front u-joint when i started to let off the brakes. the rear tires spun, and hen i started to back off, the rear pinon snapped smooth off. the front drive shaft took out the trans pan and shift linkages vid to come soon

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