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  1. I would buy the Stahl kit if you know someone with a mig/tig welder. Fit them to your truck, cut the tubes to length and weld them up.
  2. Thanks. We have some good people in our little club and its been growing over the past two years. We have been getting more and more hooks. I pull in our Street Modified class (Super Stock) 4WD class. Most of trucks are gassers up here, but the diesels are starting to become a little more popular.
  3. Use a Victor Jr. and clean up the plenum and gasket match the runners. I agree with the above post that the Dart and Sniper are too big for your cu in and the Team G does not make as much power as the Victor Jr. IMO..
  4. Thanks everyone! I will spread the word around here about your site!
  5. Hello everyone! My name is Tim Carda and I live in Big Lake, Minnesota. My DD is a 2003 DMax with an Edge Juice/Attitude and MBRP exhaust. I like to go hunting, fishing, and more importantly...TRUCK PULLING! I currently have a 1998 Chevrolet 4X4 Street Modified (Super Stock) truck that will be equipped with a 532 cu in BBC. I am the V.P of Heartland Truck Pullers based out of central MN. I have been the V.P. for 5 years and I was a rep for the Pro Stock class before that. I have been involved in the club since it was founded 7 years ago. We currently have 4 gas classes which are: Improved

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