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  1. #biggirlheiser protecting #babyheiserv2 on our walk to the park.. #sisterlylove https://t.co/lDXfwGh7mq

  2. Being "on the wagon" is not all bad.. This is good stuff! https://t.co/sAVN5vYwcu

  3. I have found my favorite Mexican food in northern Nevada. Thank you Fuego Habanero for the… https://t.co/rsD3e2lG5l

  4. One small step for mankind.. One giant leap for people who just moved in!! #ifinallyhaveagarage… https://t.co/s4T0IhEztX

  5. Finally no more relying on the trusty ARB fridge for home use... SHINY! https://t.co/oZgjaU7aFs

  6. I guess we had more stuff that I thought... #penskerelocation #gopenske #heiserfamily https://t.co/eA1uBk30VI

  7. Horrible picture.. But the house is ours!! Time for bed. Lots to do in the next few days... https://t.co/E2pgFlWVy7

  8. @staceyheiser I need this shirt hahhaaha https://t.co/RudDd5QxEg

  9. @edwindundee Hey Edwin.. The blog is still there but unfortunately life has been getting in the way of updates. I… https://t.co/ovTVjG8ABG

  10. I got nominated for a black and white truck photo challenge by @truckerbizz. If you're tagged,… https://t.co/M5NWH9KOo2

  11. Took the wife and youngest kiddo downtown and walked along the truckee river after some good… https://t.co/NCr8C5FNsO

  12. I get to see 2 of my 3 favorite girls in a few hours! Just wish Paigey was coming But maybe on… https://t.co/cSiVLGsSNU

  13. Outdoors. If I could spend every weekend outside, I would. #nevadaoverland nevadaoverland… https://t.co/L4QGHLyg5h

  14. A little solo overnight camping for 4th of july.. Had to make sure I could figure out the lower… https://t.co/ZE3caxkL48

  15. A little Facebook video call with this crazy girl with a car in her head.. #biggirlheiser https://t.co/kvffr7yQlF

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