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  1. I guess I'm an official nevada resident now. One vehicle down, one to go.. #byebyeca https://t.co/i9rOP26oCg

  2. Not a bad place to visit on father's day. Probably should have left my wallet at home... https://t.co/FD3scVw7I2

  3. Went to a celebration of life for a fellow brother of red and black and got myself a memorial… https://t.co/277yfnSFcr

  4. I miss my baby girls... Pictures like this make my heart happy #biggirlheiser #babyheiserv2 https://t.co/AF8w49WGlM

  5. Big thanks to Bobby cvttents for meeting up with me today and upgrading me from my mt Denali… https://t.co/9Gp55mfguo

  6. Finally getting to try this, and it's delicious. Thanks @voila_coffee for making a great… https://t.co/a8Y6zgV1QN

  7. It's only been a few days since I got back to the grind, but I'm so ready to be camping again..… https://t.co/5i4iwcVTRJ

  8. One is a professional photo by overlandunknown and one by me.. I'll let you guess which is which... https://t.co/g93RSTKPU2

  9. I had a room with a view last night at Tunnel Camp .. @overlandbound @overlandnv… https://t.co/l4k1EFySxV

  10. Today marks the beginning of the rest my family's life in a free state.. So happy to be out of… https://t.co/Gbxfv5zcYz

  11. Hey Everyone...

    Will do sir!
  12. CRAP

    I have a lot of experience moderating other forums, and Chad has given me the priveledge of helping to moderate the spam issues. If you see anything, please feel free to report it, and we'll take care of it!
  13. hello

    Welcome bud!
  14. I tried it.. seems to work nicely!