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  1. any pics? Would like to have another truck.
  2. How much it cost at this test and tune?
  3. Snider, that will be my first hook ever. I am already nervous as hell!
  4. I just got mine started for first time today! Been a long process for sure! Anybody going to make it down to Lynchburg Ohio for the pulls on memorial day weekend? They have 2 nights of gas trucks! Pull friday and saturday if u want.
  5. Thanks Guys. I'm hoping to use them on new motor! My motor now has 781 heads. They are good oval ports I am told!
  6. Anyone ever used these heads on a pulling truck? I picked up a set cheap off a friend who wanted aluminum do to weight savings issues. He's a drag racer. Also wondering if i can even use these heads because they Gen V and my block is Gen IV? If I can use these it would be great. Alot cheaper than some new Darts or RHS's. Thanks for any help!
  7. So whats new everyone? All you cheater stock guys got your trucks ready? Looking forward to the pulling season! I'm looking forward to making my first hook! Might be interesting. I just want to have fun guys. I'm a first year puller. Ex drag racer.
  8. Did anyone just see a real bright light?

  9. To be or not to be. That always confuses me!

  10. To be or not to be! That always confuses me!

  11. I have been told 4.10 with 33's and 4.56 with 35's. That's with sm465 4 speed. Is that correct with you experienced pullers?
  12. Welcome. Sounds like you have a nice club up there. Checked out your website and looks cool. Wish we had more of a stock class around here to pull in. All gas classes around here allow 509 cubic inch schmidt motors. And there is shit ton of diesels around here.
  13. What is stock about cheater stock class???

    1. Beavo
    2. OldRusty


      Guess you never checked out pro stock drag racing? were way more stock.

    3. Beavo


      I grew up drag racing old rusty. Just a figure of speech!

  14. The cheater stock class is like southern ohio's hot street class. Southern ohio has a class lower than that called street altered. You have to run factory block and heads. No bigger than 8oocfm carb and run 94 octane pump gas. Thats what I built my truck for. Not alot of participation though. I wish there was. Seems like everybody thinks they have to a damn beast motor to go truck pulling. Oh yeah no hanging weights in this class either!
  15. My name is Justin. I have loved truck pulling for many years. I love deer hunting, mx quads, and 4x4 truck pulling. I have a 1989 Chevy V3500 I would like to start truck pulling with. It's a white crewcab with 33 inch bf a/t's. Has a mild 460 inch big block with stock heads. Mabe 500-550 horse. Looking to make my first hook with cotpc in 2011. Been to quite a few cotpc pulls and looks like fun. People I've talked to seem like good guys. Hopin to start in the cheater stock class. Nothing stock about but hopefully i can compete within a couple years.

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