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  1. This event is right around the corner. The fairgrounds are right off of highway 41 north of evansville. The pull will start around 5pm and the hook fee will be $35.
  2. The pull will be at the Carroll County Fairgrounds located off Highway 227 behind Wal-Mart. Exit 44 off I-71 if you are coming that way. Hope to see a lot of truck out there
  3. They will be using BOB rules, and I will have a location tonight.
  4. Just heard there will be a 2.6 class at Carrollton KY June 10th. Pulls start at 7pm.
  5. This will be a MidWest Pullers 2.6 hook. The date is set for July 2nd with things starting at noon. There will be a show and shine, motocross, swap meet and pulls. Payouts for the 2.6 class will be. 1st-$600 2nd-$500 3rd-$400 4th-$300 5th-$200 6th-$150 7th-$125 8th-$100 9th-$75 10th-$50 Working on finding sponsors so we can get a workstock, 2.8 or 3.0 as well. I hope some of you guys can make it down. Its a really nice track with lots of room for an event like this. View Event

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