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  1. I'm over racing in the Mud and converting over to pulling. I would like to use my TH400 and maybe a 208, or can use a round pattern 205. Help a newbie out here I want to run in a 2 bolt on class: What converter and who's do you recommend to put behind a 468 BBC with hydraulic cam in the upper 230's @.050, 11:1 will turn to 6000+ ? Truck has 60/14bolt combo with 4.56's What mods to the trans? It has all the basics, manual valvebody, and stout internals (held up behind 750hp 496, before freshening, everything was still perfect).
  2. I'm new the thought of pulling with an auto. How do you modify a 400 for external flow control?
  3. How do I get in contact with anyone from Westmoreland Pullers? I need a schedule and rules.
  4. I will swap these complete with the ALL the steering (Hydro, and Crossover) for a stock set of 4.10's or 4.56's. I will also accept partial trade of Dana 44/14 Bolt. I need some axles for under my showroom truck and hate to waste these mud/wheeler axles.
  5. GM 1 Ton SRW Dana 60 Front Axle 4.56 Warn Lock outs, Working Brakes, Lots of extras available. GM 1 Ton SRW 14 Bolt Rear Axle, Full Floating 10.5" ring gear, Welded, 4.56s. $1000 for the pair. Extras available for sale (with or after axles sell): ORD Cross over steering (Pitman arm, Crossover drag link, Steering arm). Hydro Assist (Hydraulic Ram, lines, and box) Ram and tie rod is heavy enough full hydraulic steering. Best offer for complete package. Contact: (Four, One, Two) 601 2515 call or text. OR email: barnhart4xservice (at) yahoo (dot) com Big Block C
  6. What stroke and rod? Cubic inch? How much?
  7. Welcome neighbor... Where and what do you pull? I'm going out on a limb a$$uming it's an '03 Cummins? LOL.
  8. What kinda of lift parts are you looking for? I have a couple sets of 73-87 4" GM fronts, lift blocks, and a mix of shocks.
  9. Here is a pic of the tractor with stock type wheels: http://i48.photobuck.../0909101839.jpg Here are a couple of the Mud Truck: Small Tire set up, http://i48.photobuck...0417101659a.jpg Rear veiw, http://i48.photobuck...0417101659b.jpg Couple of the Engine, http://i48.photobuck.../0517102042.jpg , http://i48.photobuck.../0517102043.jpg , http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f212/deanbarnhart/496%20BBC/0517102042a.jpg
  10. Hello you all, Just found this site and noticed a lot of familiar names, been kinda lost since Truckpulls.com died (I guess). I'm from Southwestern PA and I am into older Chevy's, I have a Mud Racing Chevy that is fairly competetive when I can afford to race it. I also have a quarter scale Diesel pulling tractor that is an absolute BLAST, but it breaks every other time I pull it LOL, but that is part of the deal. I just started pulling it this past fall, mostly @ Listie and a little in WV. I'm in the process of putting together a small block showroom stock 2 bolt on type gasser truck,

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