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  1. wow...I know pulling was down this year, but crap.
  2. Bump. Nobody needing anything?
  3. I do all the work myself, aside from block prep work. The thing about it is, I'd rather build my own truck as to buy someone elses. If you don't mind buying someone elses, there are some great deals to be had. I think Tyrone Taylor let his 2.6/2.8 truck for around 17k. And it was a bad ride! Also look at BigBadDodge, a 100k for that truck was a bargain. I know of a 2.6 truck with 100k under the hood and told him, for that money you could have BBD and the damn trailer. LOL at some people
  4. Not really, I am amazed at the money being spent in the 2.6 class especially. I know of trucks, with 60 grand under the hood. It blows my mind. I honestly would love to build a 3.0 truck. I have enough parts to get off to a really good start. I would have a engine for the truck, and an identical one ready in the shop if something happened. Just put the pump and charger on the spare and go. I was doing some figuring: -Dodge Truck Rolling Chassis can be had for $2500 or less -Drop Box and Reverser/Clutch/Can-I'm thinking I could spend $5000 or less -Ditch the Eighty for a Rockwell-Probably could break even-$0 -Upgrage the front end with locker and axles/gears-$1000 -Upgrade the Driveshafts, honestly a guess-$750 -I would have probably $2000 in the engine parts i need, I have alot, but I would need a cam, pistons and a few other things. -Hx60 Used but freshened from a Super Farm Tractor can be had for $1500 (these are the cats behind, and the truck pulling community just realized it) -Pump is Undecided, I like Columbus and Hartz, but either way $4500 for pump, injectors and lines. That gets us to 17,250. But the time you add all the extras, we'll call it $20,000. I know this would be a strong truck, not a nation wide challenger by no means but...I don't see how people have 60k or more, and there out there, I have proof, in there engine. Opinions>>>?????
  5. Well, my garage is getting cram packed full of stuff, that I wish I could keep, but need room. I don't have to sell any of this, as it's not eating anything, just taking up a little space. Some items priced with shipping included, some not. · H1C off of an 92 (Not the Baby H1C) 21cm Housing, good shape- $200 shipped · Hx50- 67mm Compressor, 73mm Turbine, 25cm Housing, Great Shape-$500 shipped · Hx35 off an 01 5 speed Truck, Broken shaft, 12cm w/wastegate and actuatior-$100 shipped · Intake Plate off of a 94, flat style (heater grids separate)-$40 + shipping · Intake Horn off of 94, good condition-$35 + shipping · 60lb. Valve Springs (all 12)- $100 shipped · Factory Valve Springs-$25 shipped · 4 Steel Wheels 16”-$100 +shipping · 4 Trim Rings for Wheels above-$40+ shipping · 2 Dog Dish Hub Caps for Above Wheels-$30+shipping · All Four Wheels, Trim Rings, and Center Caps-$150+shipping · 94 Cummins Block-A quick hone job and go-$250+shipping · 94 Model Head-Bare, Good -$250+shipping · Set of Brazil Rods-$150 + shipping · Set of USA Rods-$150+ Shipping Thanks for looking, please Pm me if you are interested in anything. I reside in Southern KY and will work with buyers on the big stuff. Pics available on request.
  6. I was just wondering what everybodys opinion was on how much money has to be invested to be competitive in each individiual class. I'm not talking about winning a Brush Pull either. I'm talking about placing 5th or better at the Big Events liks SDX, TS, Fass Indy, Platte City etc. So whats the word guys? Work Stock??? 2.6??? 3.0??? Unlimited???
  7. Event Title: Skpparts Tuck and Tractor Pull/Dyno/CornHole Event Author: delinquent Calendar: Kentucky Truck Pulls Event Date: 28 May 2011 (Single Day Event) Would like to take the time to invite each and everyone out for the third year of SKPParts Diesel Day. Again this year it will be an all day event, including corn hole tournament, David Dunbars Dyno, and the Truck and Tractor pull. The pull will be held at the Temple Hil Lion's Club Fairgrounds on Highway 63 outside of Glasgow KY. $10 admission The Dyno is going to be set up and ready to go at 8:00am. As many of you may know, this is the last year David will be traveling with the dyno. It has been sold, so now's your chance to hit the rollers before it's to late. $80 for three pulls. Dyno usually run's till it's to dark to see... Starting at 10:00 am we will have corn hole tournament, 100% payback with $10 per team entry fee. Tournament will be double emlimination. First round match-ups will be drawn from hat. Its a good possibility that money may be added to pot, we will keep you informed of updates on this... At 7:00pm it's time for the pull. The Truck and Tractor Pull with be Sanctioned with B.O.B. this year. There will be 5 classes Work Stock Diesel Trucks, Pro Street Diesel Trucks (2.6), Outlaw Diesel Trucks (3.0), Light Limited Super Stock Tractors, and Outlaw Super Farm Tractors. This is a Battle of The Bluegrass Points Pull. More info Below Work Stock Truck- $400 $200 $100 $100 $50 $50 $50 $50 2.6 Pro Street- $500 $350 $250 $150 $100 $100 $100 $50 3.0 Outlaw Diesel Truck- $400 $200 $100 $100 $50 $50 $50 $50 Light Limited SS Tractor- $500 $350 $250 $150 $100 $100 $100 $50 Super Farm Tractor- $500 $350 $250 $150 $100 $100 $100 $50 $30.00 hook fee, you don't have to be a BOB member to pull and have a chance for the purse(s) However, to recieve BOB points, you must be a member and all dues paid. $10 admission If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call me at 270-590-0020. I will try and answer all you have. Look foward to seeing each and every one out. It's a great time! View Event
  8. That did the trick. Just another question and I will leave you alone. I want to upload a bunch of pics, but It sucks uploading one image at a time. I searched the site and found in the help section where it could be possible to upload multiple files, but it seems as if the action is disabled for regular users. Sorry to be such a pain.
  9. Oh and another thing I posted a pic, and put a wrong name in a caption. I couln't find the way to go back and edit, In fact I didn't even find a way to delete any pics or stuff like that.
  10. Maybe change the description of the 2.6" Diesel Class. Far from street anymore. Just a thought
  11. what kind of turbo rule do you guys run in Arkansas Work Stock?
  12. Whats up everybody. From Southern KY Came over from kydtr, thanks to Smoke. Site looks good, it will grow. I believe this is the start of a good thing. Look foward to a good site without the BS of the others! -Brett
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