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  1. Looking for a reliable trustworthy shop to dyno tune an engine. From the Washington, pa area, willing to travel 1 hour or so. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. Looking for a Lakewood or QuickTime bell housing. Don't need an 8 1/8.
  3. Good rebuildable c9 heads, not all rusty, just need freshened, some exhaust port work done to them. $350 obo Victor style dominator flange aluminum intake, no markings to determine brand, but it's in great shape and looks identical to a victor. $250 obo. Seven 24-579-4228. Prefer texts, but can take calls after 4:30.
  4. I have a set of 2 1/4 inch primary upright headers with BBC chevy flanges and 4 inch collector. Not sure of the brand. Very little run time. Very Light surface rust on them but no pitting or rot. $250 Seven 24-579-4228. Prefer text messages.
  5. Hey guys, haven't been keeping up with the site much lately. Here's the deal, in the middle of remodeling my house since my original post. Not really in the right place to invest a lot of cash back into pulling. However, there has been interest in my current truck and I may be able to sell it. I have all ford stuff, but I like Chevys too. I have 85% of the stuff to complete a Bbf 540 plus endless driveline parts, I have a clean 78 ford body, What I need with my current situation and lack of time is: a roller just needing an engine and some finish work or a complete truck that needs upgrad
  6. I am still kind of looking, I'm in no big hurry, wanna try and find the right truck that doesn't require alot of modification or alteration to run the class I want to run. Everything to this point has been too far gone, meaning gutted beds solid suspension, etc...
  7. Do you still have the rims and tires for sale? My buddy is interested in them.
  8. Thanks for the info, called and left a message, hopefully he gets back to me.... That has been the problem so far. Seems like people don't wanna sell stuff. I've called about 4 trucks and have only talked to one guy and he had a potential buyer on the way, ended up selling it. But, thanks again.
  9. Wanted, Chevy or GMC body and pulling chassis. Preferably ready to drop an engine in and run. 4 speed and 60 front. Truck is needed for an open street class, no rockwells or drop boxes. Don't care what year. Text 724-five79-4228 or reply to post.
  10. I have 2, 33x12.50-15 Trxus sts radials mounted on 15x10 8 lug chrome Bart super trucker wheels. I think they are only about 2 inch back spacing, I forget and they are currently still on my truck. Like brand new, only about 6 passes on them. They are on the front of my truck and stick out about 3 1/2 inches. $500 for wheels and tires trades considered for 33" all terrains. Avella, Pa Seven24-579-4228 May consider selling just the tires.
  11. I don't have a lot of power on tap either, my truck has a 390 in it. Without the bars it tries to leap like a rabbit, unless you really feather it. With the bars I can hammer on it and it stays down pretty good. Undecided about the stops. My goal is to run my new truck without bars or stops.
  12. My bars are held on by hitch pins, I can drop them off depending on the rules. They did make me pull my weight bar off at butler farm show tho. That isn't as easy to remove, but I bought the truck with it on, just never changed it.
  13. When I first got the truck it didn't have the bars, I ran it the first year without them. That's when my buddy and I pulled up there, ran with a lot of those guys at butler farm show this year.
  14. Yes my 74 does, but I am trying a few ideas on the 78 I am building to be able to run without traction bars or suspension stops.
  15. Definitely not afraid to get slaughtered at every pull, been doing it for 4 years now and I keep showing up and trying to improve.
  16. I agree, It is fun no matter where i finish, thats why i pull.... My best finish with ppl was like 12th but i still show up at every pull. hookstown was the only one i missed, but that was me being an idiot and putting a woman before my pulling truck, never do that again, lol. My point on all this is, I have traveled to the Meadville area and pulled with the 480 cube class, those guys have some pretty strict restrictions, but their trucks run good!! they show up down here and run with some of the bigger guys in 6300. But within their class the competition is alot stiffer due to the more ru
  17. Ok, it's obvious that my point is being misunderstood, I am not bitching, I am building a truck to compete. End of story. Everyone just wants to start jumping down your throat about complaining.... That's not what it's about. Even with my 390 truck I had fun even though I was always mid pack!
  18. Heavychevy, that is my concern, the loss of interest and participation. Two guys I know personally have said they are done with it, they have slightly modified street trucks and are tired of beating the hell out of them just to pull 260 feet against guys going 340. The availability of a class for them in the area is very slim... It's like there is no entry level class.
  19. One of the champion's for the year runs a 588 big block,,, he flat out told us what he had..
  20. Do you remember when Full Pull pushed the top 6 guys out of the 6200 open class because they were putting 50 feet on the rest of the pack? I do, my good friend was one of them. He even agrees that what is going on now is exactly why they pushed them into a new class, the Pro-street class. Some of those guys are even putting springs back under their trucks and coming back to 6300 open. I don't blame them one bit either, PPL has more pulls closer to home than Full Pull, nobody wants to travel 2 hours everytime they wanna pull. My only concern is the availability of the pulls for the "true s
  21. Don't get me wrong, I am building a truck to compete in this class, but I know a lot of guys that have some nice modified street legal trucks that can't afford to build a hammer that are stuck in that class because that's all there is.
  22. Don't get me wrong, I am building a truck to compete in this class, but I know a lot of guys that have some nice modified street legal trucks that can't afford to build a hammer that are stuck in that class because that's all there is.

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