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  1. Lead foot Check out cotpc.com web site for a full list of their pulls - they have some of the strongest trucks in the state. There is a pull in Hilliard tonight. Fayette county tomorrow night in Washington Court House . Clark county Saturday night in Springfield . List goes on from there .
  2. Track is in good shape . Weather is good. We will have a class for you as long as you have Springs! We will run #6200 or #6300 . We will work with Hitch Length $1,000 Purse We pay six places With seven Trucks First Place Money is Guaranteed. Call with questions 614-554-7527 Jim Come have some fun.. .
  3. The Purse is $1,000 Pays six places. Seven trucks for a class! First Place is Guaranteed! Don't Drive Past us! Come have some Fun.
  4. Track is in great ! Lots of water . Bring on The Power! As long as you don't have solid suspension We Have a Class for You! Any Question Call Me 614-554-7527 Jim Weather is Great Bring on the Trucks !
  5. I know fuel is expensive . But dust that truck of and come to Outville where 1st.Place Money Guaranteed Regardless of Number of Entries. Come have some fun at Outville.
  6. 1st Place Payout Guaranteed Regardless ofNumber of Entries $300 to win. We pay six places. See you at Outville
  7. Bring it to Outville & show us what it's got. Sat.July 6th. Class & purse Www.outvilleantiquepower.com
  8. Here your chance Outville is having four truck classes of trucks. Gas& Diesel Two with hanging weights . Two with no hanging weight. Here the chance to show what you have under your hood. Come play at Outville! Www.outvilleantiquepower.com.
  9. Check website for details & purses. www.outvilleantiquepower.com 6200# street legal 4x4 gas; 8000# street legal work stock diesel; 6200# cheater stock gas 4x4; 8000# diesel 2.6 charger limit; 8700# lite pro stock tractor; 12,500# hot farm; 20,000# open semi class Skid steer rodeo & mini hoe competition. Garden tractors and antique tractor tug pull Sunday. $8,500 in total purses (7 entries to fill) 1st place money guaranteed.
  10. Call Dave Watson at WRP 740-838-6405 he used a guy around Akron/ Canton. Best I can do.
  11. Might rat I think your cheater stock and your 6300 # street stock gas can pull under our cheater stock rules.
  12. Caldwell pullers! Would you be interested in coming to Outville July 5th? We're offering good purses (monies to be determined & will be posted on our website prior to pull). We're running 4 truck classes - what rules would you need to see? Let us know & we will try to accommodate you. Website: www.outvilleantiquepower.com
  13. Mighty you are right.The point is we keep kidding ourselves about aluminum or cast heads and thats not the problem. The problem is the money.
  14. chevy has good OEM aluminum heads but it takes a group that is willing to work togather to keep it under control .One member that thinks he can spend the $$$ to win will spoil it.
  15. 3/4 and 1 ton are used and modified depends Hp.

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