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  1. i went to that website and didnt see a tech forum thanks for trying
  2. ok im building a mod TWD. i need some ideas on what rear end to use. id like to find a planetary rear but dont know what guys run under TWDs. i have a rockwell 106 that has a 6.80 gear. any ideas to help or hinder my choice?
  3. yep i helped in indy and new virginia. drove/ helped Robby dittmer on his truck and friends with the Strange boys from new virginia. trying to get my truck ready but dont know what rear end to put in it. c ya around Pfoltner
  4. Brandon POSSUM Gavin. married four kids boy10, girl8, boy4,girl3, raced cars for years now changing to a more family friendly sport. have lots of friends in iowa that pull and my dad did years ago natural change i guess. c yall lata
  5. Possum from iowa logging on. nice site