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  1. Well, that sums up this place, lots of keyboard mechanics So, three years is so long ago, before anyone came up with limiting suspensions ideas Been doing it for over twenty years, this is nothing new Stock appearing or 2.5 is just fine.
  2. Right, it's all about fun, so lighten up phucktard. And limiting the droop on an independent suspension will cause it to "hang" a wheel. There was no droop, so it wasn't due to massive horsepower in the WS class
  3. Gee, I didn't realize that they needed a "Stock Appearing Turbo" in the 2.6 Class. I thought it was supposed to be a 2.6. Power level? Don't be all upset because your stock power level is way under what the new trucks of today are putting out. So, we're supposed to have rules that clip their feathers because you are whining and crying about it? Or do you take that "Stock Appearing Turbo" and make it work for you, make it so you can compete at the new trucks power level? No, I guess you'll keep b!tching and moaning. So, who is the naive one? Step up your game or get used to seeing marks set on
  4. That red one is no longer, he traded it in on a DMax. It had 90hp injectors and that SCT Tuning. The other one is sitting on 33" STS, SCT Tuning and a few other odds and ends. It also Pulled with the Straight Diesels guys out of NC.
  5. That will be one fine place if they get into it. Fared pretty well that night
  6. Simple, that simple Yes, they are stock, so the stockers Pull in WS and 2.6. They are true WS. I have Pulled against them and the EFI Live'd DMax's are damn strong. No need to complain, just have to step up your game. Seat time in your rig is paramount as well. You have to be comfortable with it and know how to get the most out of your setup. Nothing wrong with "Stock Appearing".
  7. My first Pull My favorite Oliver that was there that day

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