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  1. Prices are going up $25 on June 1st for low budget diesel injectors So from now until June 1st take $25 off any set of injectors! prices are as follows 12V 40HP $450.00 on sale for $425.00 90HP $450.00 on sale for $425.00 140HP $500.00 on sale for $475.00 5X0.16 $600.00 on sale for $575.00 5X0.18 $750.00 on sale for $725.00 24V 100HP $450.00 on sale for $425.00 125HP $450.00 on sale for $425.00 150HP $500.00 on sale for $475.00 175HP $550.00 on sale for $525.00 200HP $600.00 on sale for $575.00 225HP $650.00 on sale for $625.00 250HP $700.00 on sale for $675.00 03-04 60HP $525 90HP $550 125HP $575 150HP $600 180HP $625 04-07 100HP $600 150HP $700 CR Guys - Buy a set of injectors take $50 off any programmer or take $100 any turbo! 2nd gen 12V guys - Buy a set of smokem special DVS for list price ($215.00) and get a pacbrake 4GSK's for only $50 bucks or take $100 any complete turbo! 1st gen 12V guys - Buy a set of injectors and get a free 3600 RPM spring or get $30 off a 60MM turbo upgrade or a Denny T fuel pin or take $100 any complete turbo! 2nd gen 24V guys - Buy a set of injectors and get a free Boost fooler*, or take $50 off any programmer or take $100 any turbo! *when ordering boost fooler please let us know you year, and tranny make!
  2. BBD Performance Dodge Intercooler Boot Kit The kit meets or exceeds industry standards at 4 ply 500 psi burst 600 degree resistant Made from double nomex material proudly made in the 100% USA of 100% USA material! Includes the clamps, boots Can be any configuration of blue black and red your choice we are so proud of these industry leading products that they come with a LIFETIME warranty no questions asked if they blow we will send you another set! Prices are as follows... 91.5-93 165.00 shipped 94-02 205.00 shipped 03-07.5 205.00 shipped
  3. Want to upgrade your fuel lines? Run twin turbos but need that hard to find oil line? Or maybe just want to run some sweet looking stainless hoses with Red, Blue, or Black fittings! Then you need to call BBD Performance today! We are now stocking all the popular fittings for Ford, Chevy, and Dodge! From High PSI Stainless Braided Teflon to Low PSI Single Brade Rubber We also have the hard to find High PSI BLACK stainless braided! We carry all the major Manufactures Eaton, Airquip, RHP, and AKTC Adapters, 90*, 45*, 90* Street, Banjo, SAE, JIC, if it can be screwed together we can do it! All Hoses are made In-House! BBD can provide you with a full hose or parts to build your own! And as always if you find it cheaper let us know, we will not be beat! Below 24V to S400 Below 12V to HT3B
  4. Well as some of you know that our forum The Diesel Pump has been for sale and is now sold we will not have any changes there (I promise you that!) I would like to welcome dukeboy_318 AKA Chris the new owner of The Diesel Pump Chris tryed to start a forum of his own called the Home - Blowin Smoke Gang things did not work out well for him so he seeked something that was already built that he could build upon! Chris will be a great new addition to the site and I am looking forward to what he has in store! Thanks to all those that supported myself and BBD during our ownership! THANK YOU! Brice
  5. We have picked up a new line of injectors to add to the collection!! Introducing LBDP Dragon Slayers! These top of the line injectors are made 100% in house at Low Budget Diesel Performance Nick and Ryan have been trained by the famous weston AKA smokem the injector guru! Nick, Ryan, and the team here at BBD Performance want to help you be able to say... "You have been smoked by the best" Introductory Special for the first 5 sets sold take $25.00 off and shipped for FREE There is NO wait for these awesome injectors! Prices are as follows..... 12 Valve 1989-1998 5 Hole Design Dragon Slayer 5x0.010 450.00 Dragon Slayer 5x0.012 450.00 Dragon Slayer 5x0.014 500.00 Dragon Slayer 5x0.016 600.00 Dragon Slayer 5x0.018 750.00 Dragon Slayer 5x0.020 850.00 7 Hole Design(Coming Soon) Dragon Slayer 7x0.007 450.00 Brand New Bodies With Stock Nozzles 250.00 24V 1998.5-2002 VP44 7 Hole Design Dragon Slayer 100HP 450.00 Dragon Slayer 125HP 450.00 Dragon Slayer 150HP 500.00 Dragon Slayer 175HP 550.00 Dragon Slayer 200HP 600.00 Dragon Slayer 220HP 650.00 Dragon Slayer 240HP 700.00 6 Hole Design Dragon Slayer 6x0.016 900.00 Dragon Slayer 6x0.018 950.00 Dragon Slayer 6x0.020 1000.00 Dragon Slayer 6x0.022 1050.00 Dragon Slayer 6x0.024 1100.00
  6. ve got a 2nd gen 24v engine i am parting out non 53 block everything must go its a good block but needs a 20 over bore number 6 had a knock due to a squirter this unit has 26K on it we have done all the service to this motor since the drop in block 300.00 SOLD head 400.00 vp44 500.00 front cover 150.00 crank and cam 150.00 each 150.00 injectors 100.00 lines 200.00 Rods then I got all the little things too air horn grids ect ect I dont come here often so PLEASE CALL US AT 619-309-4210 EXT 2
  7. Well more or less 99% of the guys on here are pullers we/they do mods that help us on the track try posting that here http://www.dieselbombers.com/5-9l-cr-bombs-aftermarket/ it will get alot more visibility there as far as parts go look here that will give you a price on the CR mods http://www.bbdieselperformance.com/Cummins-24V-03-07-c12/ Brice
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