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  1. there is finally a vid. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2usHUb-yLGM
  2. what did i miss? did this get carried over from chat?
  3. I've got an event made, its just it only has the link, instead of bringin up the page within the post, like you did. idk.
  4. Event Title: New Baden June Jamboree Event Author: Buffalo444 Calendar: Illinois Truck Pulls Event Date: 19 June 2011 (Single Day Event) View Event 2011 Street Truck Pull Rules and Regulations-1 (dragged).pdf 2011 Street Truck Pull Rules and Regulations-1 (dragged) 1.pdf
  5. make sure to get a good read on the rules on that site. we need a twisted clevis btw
  6. ha that just means we need more members
  7. hey i think i might know this guy... lol
  8. why arnt you pullin with the 6.0 anymore?
  9. ok Tom, howd you do your thing settin up events? I'm trying to turn this into a pic but having minor technical difficulties.... lol http://www.newbadenil.com/PDF/JUNE%20JAMBOREE/2011%20Street%20Truck%20Pull%20Rules%20and%20Regulations.pdf and yeah I will be pulling.
  10. ok. I plan on going with some decent sized hybrids in the future, so a chip will come in then. really as long as the turbo is stock, I can run whatever in the stock class, right?
  11. I've never heard anything bad about them. And until I've got the time and $$$ to go get live tuned, it might be what I stick with. But when I *do* start looking to get live tuned, I plan on headin to Swamps.

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