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  1. Just put a 6000 rpm stall converter in, and it does the same thing, still have no stall in low range...could the transfer case be geared too low??
  2. I have 89 chevy 3500 with a 496 bbc, th400 trans with a 3500rpm stall converter in it. The stall converter works like its supposed to in high range and in 2wd, but when i put it in low range to pull I have no stall at all. Anyone have any ideas as to why it would do this? I'm about at my wits end dealing with this thing..
  3. Event Title: yurkowecs truck pull Event Author: putty04 Calendar: New York Truck Pulls Event Date: 8 October 2011 (Single Day Event) 11am fultonville ny. mr machine is the sled. 5800/6200 gas, 5800/6200 street mod, diesel classes. View Event
  4. i'm chris from upstate ny, pull in the 6200lb street mod class up here with a big block 89 chevy.

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