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  1. It isn't always about the size of the engine but how good the engine is........
  2. Someone come get this thing $4500 or OBO
  3. No I feel the 12" wide wheel would be fine....
  4. I would run nothing less than a 10" wide....
  5. I would rather spend that money on the cylinder heads and manifold... But I am just a retired Puller...
  6. \ Mid 80's chevy k20 puller 14 bolt rear with spool, 60 front detroit locker, good axles, light brakes, 205 transfer, sm465 with trick third gear, 1410 joints front and rear, u joint shields, kill switch etc..... knock off mcleod dual clutch, lakewood blowproof bell, all engine plates for BBC, complete fuel system and ignition, tach and guages. Weight bar.hydraulic steering, outlaw II's with trxus 36x14.50r16.5 tires. would make a nice cheater stock truck with minor mod's... add your engine and turn key! $5500.00 Trent T. 740-342-1986 m-f 9-5 or 740-605-0289.
  7. pretty sure 4 or 5 places for year end awards..... this year or next may go to 7 places....
  8. The end of the year payouts are supposed to be $17000..... Im anxious to see what the breakdowns are going to be for the end of year awards..... At that dollar amount they would have to be substantial!!!!
  9. Either or.... To be a top truck requires a substantial amount of coin!
  10. FORD Power!!!!! I disagree about the part of not having to have money or high dollar parts!!!
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