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  1. I would like to send a congrats to Chris Deitrick with the Bad Habit truck on getting a second place finsh at the Dekalb Pull at Eaton over the weekend.
  2. There is a web page to a club here in Ohio (www.bmtpa.com) maybe there can help you out.
  3. Ohio 4X4 Modified Pullers will have a meeting in Wilmington,Ohio February,5 (5:00pm)at Stacey's buffet
  4. Just make sure that the orbit valve is an open system or you will have a problem with the pump.
  5. On the aluminum ujoint shields are you requiring a 1/8' steel insert.
  6. 2 rules changes for NTPA 2011 pulling season,(wheelie) wheels for front are now to be 4" min. wide and water and fuel sampling valve for water and fuel samples.
  7. Welcome to the site. Thx for registering! Hit up the introsuctions thread and tell us a little about yourself! Enjoy! E.