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  1. I would like to send a congrats to Chris Deitrick with the Bad Habit truck on getting a second place finsh at the Dekalb Pull at Eaton over the weekend.
  2. There is a web page to a club here in Ohio (www.bmtpa.com) maybe there can help you out.
  3. Ohio 4X4 Modified Pullers will have a meeting in Wilmington,Ohio February,5 (5:00pm)at Stacey's buffet
  4. Just make sure that the orbit valve is an open system or you will have a problem with the pump.
  5. On the aluminum ujoint shields are you requiring a 1/8' steel insert.
  6. 2 rules changes for NTPA 2011 pulling season,(wheelie) wheels for front are now to be 4" min. wide and water and fuel sampling valve for water and fuel samples.