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  1. making them drive to the pulls is not a good idea. most guys wont do it because they are screwed if the truck breaks.
  2. complete set of 1 ton axles from chevy. front is disassembled. rear is ass but gears need set up. there is 1 bult broken in pinion cage in rear axle also has new magtech cover. both have all new brakes bearings and the front has new mile marker ss hubs rotors and u joints and Richmond full spool front pinion will need new crush sleve and treads repaired(rolled off bench and rolled the first few threads) 800.00 obo also have perfect steering colum from 81-87 Silverado man trans with tilt and cruse. 150.00 obo set of 2 jegs padded racing seats blue with black inserts never sat in 300.00 obo
  3. how do you plan on checking this by pushing down on the rear of the truck.
  4. almost all (conventional alum heads are like that) mighty the diff is almost all of them have raised ex ports. wich don't make that much of a diff in power.
  5. gm offers a copy of the factory l88 aluminum head. im pretty sure most head mfg offer a factory style alum head. they are req in some drag racing classes. but I am not sure of the part numbers.
  6. 81 87 chevy gmc harwood 4 inch fiberglass cowl hood 555.00 new 1 hinge bolt insert is loose never on road bolted on truck going diff route 400.00 round flange 205 and 4 speed from 85 k30 300.00 steering colum with tilt and cruse from 85 k 30 with 4 speed. 200.00
  7. also have harwood fiberglass 4inch cowl induction hood. faded from sun 1 cracked insert the glue came loose. 560.00 new 400.00 need it gone. also have steering colum for 81-87 chevy silverado with tilt and cruse for a man trans. 400.00
  8. you dont have to run there gear sets do you i still want to be able to drive mine on the street.
  9. what are you guys running for an input shaft. i dont think the stock one will hold up and i havent been able to find anything in the aftermarket.
  10. axles sold make me an offer on the rest.
  11. dana 60 and 14 bolt ff complete 4.10 gears. 800.00..obo. also have 4 speed and 205 round flange 500.00 obo. 31x19 be cool universal be cool rad with gm outlets new in box 100.00