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  1. Wow. I would have never guessed lead. So how do i go about figuring out how much weight i need then? Im setting up a mid 70s f250 4x4 with most likely a 390 and a 4spd.
  2. I have been trying to find out what the counter weight alternatives are? I have seen people use the "suitcase weights" before. What is used for the weight boxes though? A little help will go a long way. Thanks in advance.
  3. Nice lookin ride! Im just starting to aquire parts to build a truck of my own. Trying to find some info on all the class rules an regulations. Im running a mid 70s f250 with a big block gas in it. Any suggestions?
  4. My name is Brian and i recently found this page. Ive been really interested in truck pulling since i was a kid and recently decided to build a truck o my own. I cant seem to find any real descriptions of the classes. Im starting out with a mid 70s f250 with a 460 gasser in it and a c6 automatic. As well as dana 60s front and rear. I want to know what class i should aim for an what the requirements are? Any info will HUGELY be appreciated.

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