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  1. hey im a new puller new to the site , I am building a 2wd pull truck for a 6500lbs class that we r starting check out the progress and any info would always b appeciated
  2. I am building a super stock 2wd for a 6500 lbs class up in Canada, the truck I started with is a 90 chev 1 ton dually extended cab and im really trying to get it outta the gate a great puller but this is all new to me so I am looking on some helpwith Ideas and details on the parts I want to use in the class we r limited to a 408 ci engine and its also an economy class and I am surrounded by parts I have a pretty good avenue for parts so I am open to suggestions, but there is a lot I need help with cause there is a ton of custom stuff
  3. hey im new to the site want to pic some brains about a build im doing for a twd pull truck anyone up for the challenge
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