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  1. While your doing it add an electric water pump so u can run it also when the trucks not running. You can shit the truck off after a pull and run fan and water pump together and the truck cools down very quickly instead of letting it cook.
  2. I guess the old sayin " no replacement for displacement" is a myth then? hmmmm. I never said anything about aluminum heads adding power, its not a bolt on science fair project. But there is something to be gained there, aluminum heads flow more air easier than cast heads do even with work done to them Im pretty sure any one will agree if you can flow more air you can make more power? or am I wrong there to cause that would throw the theory of a blower/ turbo out? I am not saying I want to see more rules or less rules I just want to see rules that do not change to let certain trucks in or to make certain people happy that is it. I think we can agree that its hard enough to build a truck now and of course you want to follow the rules then all the sudden the rules change and you gotta drop a pile of money to stay competitive with a truck that is obsolete anywhere else unless you bump up and run a open class or a RWYB. I am not saying im running out to pulled a ostpa truck but at least there rules dont change with the old buddy rule or to accommodate a few trucks. Well looks like I better run and stop trying to run what I have built and get steve schmidt on the horn and get a motor ordered to win 400 bucks.
  3. Just wondering when American Farm Pullers changed all there engine rules? As I see from looking at the rules posted on there site there is no carb rule( dominator or not)and nothing about tunnel rams or heads (big chief as example)A cubic inch rule at all and the only thing about aluminum it says is no aluminum blocks so aluminum heads must be in also?They changed the bump stop rule with being able to run your stops down so the truck does not travel, just have to have rear leaf springs. Just wondering where the (cheater stock) class is heading seems to me the only difference between 6300 lb open and 6200 lb cheater stock is you can not hang weight,hitch height and runningdrop boxes (scs or pro fab)Should we all start building tube chassis trucks and run Ostpa so we actually have a set of rules that wont change every year for a few trucks?
  4. the electric door locks have been the best place i have found yet to hide my nitrous button , so far they never look there lol
  5. I know this a very opinionated topic and what works for some trucks or tires wont work for others and track setup/ prep has alot of influence on this topic as well , but I was wondering what you guys feel is the best tire out there right now, I see more trucks going to the Mickey Thompson MTZ's and there is still trucks running the Intreco Trxus STS that seem to work as a good all around tire or the BFG all terrain is still a popular also, and also where you guys feel is the best place to start on air pressure setup from Front/ Rear? Thanks
  6. whens the first pulls in ohio for 2014? or where is the best place to find them
  7. what is a good horsepower range to be in for a cheater stock truck?