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  1. Venom_Truck_Pulling

    MVPPL Truck and Tractor pull Fonda NY

    Mohawk Valley Pro Pullers League is hosting a Truck and Tractor pull. 7pm-11pm Beautiful Clay track = HP track! iphone7_fonda_115.MOV iphone7_fonda_126.MOV
  2. Venom_Truck_Pulling

    Street Legal Truck Pull

    Malone NY fairgrounds will be having a Street Legal Truck pull starting at 10AM. Be there early to get good parking in the pits!
  3. Venom_Truck_Pulling

    Orlean's County Fair Barton VT

    North East Sled Service is Hosting the Truck Pulls at the Barton Fair in Vermont. 5pm the pulls start so get there early! Address is 278 Roaring Brook rd Barton VT 05822
  4. Venom_Truck_Pulling

    Pulling Truck...This will not end good...

    in my area you have to have 2 inches of suspension movement according to the rules. You sure you can be solid in the rear?
  5. Venom_Truck_Pulling

    Venom Racing

    Some pics of our race trucks.