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  1. Pulling Radio Network will be doing LIVE Radio Shows in Broadbent Arena in the media room from 10:30 AM Eastern Time until 12:30 PM Eastern Time, and we will move to booth 6049 out in the Farm Show with New Holland Agriculture where with our new partners we will be LIVE Streaming from 1:30 PM until 3:00 PM daily. Stop by New Hollands booth to meet the PRN Personalities that will be on hand.
  2. NFMS to be LIVE Streamed!

    The Pulling Radio Network has just gotten the news from our friend Brian... His statement below.... Friends your feedback was valuable and we will now have live streaming from the NFMS Championship Tractor Pull. The website is farmshowpull.com On the site you will see a few links on how to subscribe, how to purchase DVDs and links to both the NFMS and CTP sites. The links for the live stream are at the bottom of the page. I ran through it and created a login with my email however you can login with Facebook or Google+ From there, it takes you to a pay wall where you can pay via Paypal or your credit card for individual sessions or the complete show. The complete show is an excellent value at $150.00 The live stream can be viewed on any device, be in a computer, android or Apple iOS platform. Thanks to the KEC, the Kentucky State Fair board, and the CTP committee for making this possible. Brian Lively, Editor and Publisher, The HOOK Magazine, Covering Antiques, Classics, State and Regional Pulling; Editor, Pro Pulling Magazine, The Official Magazine for The Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League-Available at PPL Champions Tour Events, Online and at retail outlets across the US!
  3. PowerWheels Pull Coming to NYS

    OK folks.... were trying something new this year!! Ray Tylutki from the Pulling Radio Network has agreed to bring along his little pulling sled and have a Pedal Tractor and Barbie Jeep (Power Wheels) pull. Kids can bring along their own or borrow someone else's, we don't care if the same vehicle gets pulled by more than one kid. And yes dads.... there are Modified and Open classes so you can turn the wrenches. Stock is completely stock, Open is 12V electric power only- anything else goes- helmets required, Modified falls somewhere in between. You can contact Ray Tylutki directly with questions. We will charge $1 per hook which will be donated to the 4H Toy Barn at the Washington County Fair. Trophies will be awarded, but only to the top 3 finishers per class- sorry no participation trophies here (OK, maybe a free ice cream cone at Stewart's Shop 424) We are excited and hope you will bring the kids and get them signed up, its a great way to introduce them to pulling and help support this amazing community! Join us in Argyle NY for the Lufkin Pull for a Cure Pull July 15th. Check the events page for the date and more information
  4. Pulling Radio Network

    Hay everyone! Be sure to check out the Pulling Radio Network on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; also a www.pullingradionetwork.com where you can keep up with everything pulling related! All of the broadcasters and media at the Pulling Radio Network is looking forward to working with www.truckpullers.com and continuing to make the pullers the rock stars and put pulling in the main stream! So follow us on Facebook for LIVE videos from pulls all over the US, Canada and Europe! Subscribe to our YOUTUBE Channel and check out all the great podcast shows each and every night or even during the day on www.pullingradionetwork.com Be sure to download the app on Google Play or iTunes!