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  1. GOOD MORNING FROM KEYSTONE NATIONALS Source View the full article
  2. Friday night results from Keystone National Friday Session 2 Super Farm 1.RJ Dennison “Red Dog” 256.04 2.Nick Audet “Udder Obsession” 254.06 3.Jason VanDeWeert “Spilt Milk”230.69 4.Karl Durant 227.77 5.Shane Masten “Thumpin’ Pumpkin” 227.47 6.Frank Payne “Spare Parts” 224.04 7.Merle Harr “Devil Dog” 223.92 8.Scott Christ “Just 4 Fun” 220.30 9.Justin Martin “Whatcha Lookin At” 210.38 10.Jordan Bigelow “Run It Hot” 198.20 Pro Stock 1.Robert Martin “John Deere Green” 261.05 2.Jason Svonavec “Bootlegger” 260.84 3.Josh Martin “Think Green” 243.99 4.Russell Hildenbrand “Loose Cannon” 243.34 5.Ryan Hoyt “Nut Case” 239.52 6.Cory Hoyt “Case Pending” 236.89 7.Brandi Martin “Dairy Deere” 234.49 8.Robert Martin “That Darn Deere” 226.52 Small Block Mini Modified Finals 1.Dan Desorcie “What A Ride” 230.98 2.Matt Weishaar “Dirt Demon” 228.94 3.Shawn Adolini “Fully Recovered” 219.96 4.John Sutton, Jr “Bear Tracks” 212.70 Big Block Mini Modified Finals 1.Travis Seylar “Go-Fer Broke” 261.05 2.Rob Wise “Longshot” 246.78 3.Brian Nogle”Unfinished Business” 238.95 4.Elizabeth Hill “Bad Attitude” 225.08 Modified 4×4 Trucks 1.Troy Nails “Kill’n Time” 251.89 2.Crystal Zedreck “Thunderbolt” 249.60 3.Dan Warner “Addictive Behavior” 243.65 4.Aaron Smothers “Money Hog” 238.16 5.Jimmy Moritz “Unleashed” 235.53 6.Mark Sarafin “One Potent Rodent” 232.50 7.Will Hitchcock “Home Wrecker” 225.03 8.Dennis Grove “Mountain Mule” 222.61 9.Richard Gardiner, Jr “Untamed Aggression” 219.15 10.Dean Simmons “Foolish Pleasure” 215.82 11.Bryan Cubbage “After Midnight” 211.98 Mod Turbo 1.Jason Forrester “Papa Smurf” 258.20 2.J.Howard Meredith, Jr “Meredith’s Agitator” 247.23 3.Mark Miller “Mighty Mouse” 246.38 4.Rick Hauck “Lil Stinker” 241.30 5.Jimmy Williams “Green Max” 239.25 6.Vern Zerby “Dr LZ” 238.32 7.Evan Moser “Antrim Tantrum” 237.65 8.Adam Diaz “Whiskey Business” 232.81 9.Adam House “Blue Mule” 228.63 10.Vern Zerby “OO7” 221.04 11.Kayla Graham “Billet Blue” 191.05 12.Nic Harr “Mad Dog” 183.03 13.Eric Eberhart “Hammer Down” hook/broke 14.Kevin Roy “1206 Express” DQ (left sideline) Diesel 4×4 Trucks 1.Carl Ankiewicz “Livin’ On The Edge” 240.69 2.Jake Slingluff “Empty Pockets” 239.09 3.Chris Mast “Skeeter Control” 237.22 4.Joe Hemm “Thunder Rolls” 234.78 5.Jon Manns “Crazy Ex” 232.92 6.Greg Walker “Dreams Happen” 228.79 7.Clint Mills “Against All Odds” 221.73 8.Denny Brechbill “The Gray Area” 216.38 9.Matt Foster “No Mercy” 215.87 10.Dave Jacobs “Used And Abused” 215.67 11.Scott Walter “Old Blue #2” 200.06 12.Derek Borden “Just Tappin It” 192.89 13.Nathan Stiller “Ole Betsy” 176.83 14.Jill Heining “Daddy’s Money” 135.37 15.Bill Bowser “Built To Destroy/ Old Blue #1” 11.12 Alcohol Super Stock 1.Henry Everman “Forced Decision” 254.15 2.Justin Weaver “Adrenaline” 240.44 3.Kevin Windsor “Six Shooter” 238.99 4.Randy Weaver “Interceptor” 235.60 5.Lance Micek “Edge Of A Dream” 228.69 6.Tom Bedgar “”The Patriot” 227.73 7.Jason Irvin “Drunkin’ Punkin'” hook/broke Tom Urmson “I Soar 2” scratch Diesel Super Stock 1.Rich Horton “Lil more Patience” 263.09 2.Henry Everman “Final Decision” 259.41 3.Kent Payne “”Super Rooster” 259.10 4.Darren Olden “Kryptonite” 236.74 Source View the full article
  3. Everman to da beach! #pullingradionetwork Source View the full article
  4. Alky SS Keystone Nats

    Alky SS Keystone Nats Source View the full article
  5. Diaz with Whiskey Business! #pullingradionetwork #keystonepull Source View the full article
  6. Papa Smurf! #keystonepull To Da Beach! #pullingradionetwork Source View the full article
  7. Dennison, Audet, VanDeWeert, Durant Top 4 Super Farm #keystonepull @pulling_radio @WillWhittPro @beermoneypull Source View the full article
  8. RJ Lyle DennisonDennison with Red Dog #keystonepull #pullingradionetwork Source View the full article

    SUPER FARM Source View the full article
  10. Are you ready for this weekends truck pulls and drag racing event? Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park – NHRDA (National Hot Rod Diesel Association) Source View the full article
  11. This 2008 LMM Duramax is in getting some drivability concerns taken care of. The truck had a reoccurring reduced engine power message displayed on the driver information center. A faulty manifold absolute pressure(MAP) sensor was the culprit. Is your truck giving you fits? Give us a call to schedule your appointment today!574-221-2077 . . . . . . . . . . . . #lockeperformance #ram #chevy #ford #4×4 #diesel #cummins #powerstroke #duramax #qualityoverquantity #doitrightthefirsttime #efilive #bringittothepros Source View the full article
  12. LIVE ! share it ! Day 2 of the 2018 Keystone Nationals!!!!! Harrisburg PA. 3/16/18 Source View the full article
  13. From our friends at NTPA: We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing on Monday, March 12 of Sam Swann of Dandridge, Tennessee. Mr. Swann was the owner and operator of the “Southern impact” weight transfer that serviced Mid-South events as well as Grand and Regional National pulls across the middle United States. Mr. Swann succumbed to injuries suffered as the result of an accident last week. We will post details on our website as they are made known. Please keep Mr. Swann’s family and friends in your thoughts today. Source View the full article
  14. Let the arguments begin… Let the arguments begin… Source View the full article
  15. Big Headers on a JD #pullingradionetwork Source View the full article