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  1. Our Father’s Day Sale is live! Use code “DAD15” for 15% off and get free shipping on orders over $75! Plus, checkout new products that make perfect gifts! Shop: https://adamspolishes.com/shop/specials/sub-category-1.html Source View the full article
  2. Another one of our rebuilt 68RFE transmissions all tucked in and ready to put in some work. We use the best components available on the market from SunCoast Performance to ensure complete customer satisfaction. If you would like more information on our transmissions, give us a call at (574)-221-2077. We’d be happy to help you fall in love with your truck all over again! Source View the full article
  3. wow After the incident at Fort Recovery Ohio. NTPA took immediate action and did exactly right. Benefits everyone, and with today’s power being made… hoping not to see complaints. Source View the full article
  4. The big win in the 2.5 Diesel 4×4 class on Saturday night at Diesel Dayz by “Double Trouble” was the final hook of the truck owned by the Humpe Team of Bloomingdale, Ohio. When Bill Daufen from Ellwood City took the three-time champion Chevy to a narrow win it was actually a ‘test drive’. After the pull, Daufen loaded the awesome 2.5 puller on his trailer and took it home as the proud new owner. So when the truck appears at Bunker Hill on Friday night the fans will get to see if any changes have been made. We all need to remember that Daufen was the former owner of “Maximum Outlaw”, another white 2.5 Chevy that was a major player in 2.5 Diesel in the early years of the class with USA-EAST. Congrats to both Bill Daufen and to the Humpe Team. File Photos by Brock. Source View the full article
  5. PullingRadioNetwork

    New products coming soon.

    New products coming soon. https://adamspolishes.com/ Source View the full article
  6. Twenty-one trucks participated in the Open 2.5 Diesel 4×4 division at “Diesel Dayz” in Meadville. The Humpe Team’s “Double Trouble” Chevrolet from Bloomingdale, Ohio – the three time champion in this class – barely took the win with Zelienople’s Bill Daufen on the controls. Brandon DeFrank from Richmond, Ohio had his “DeFrank Auto Body” GMC just a foot back while fellow Buckeye Jeremy Davis from Malvern, Ohio was third with “Straight Off the Farm” a 2006 Dodge. The 2.5 class in ’18 is sponsored by Zeigler Diesel Performance of Canton, Ohio. Photos by Brock Johnson. Source View the full article
  7. ‘Run What Ya Brung’ opened their 2018 season (after two rain-outs) at Crawford County on Saturday night with Kelly Giltinan and “BullHeaded” from Pittsfield, PA getting the win with a 1955 Ford powered by a super charged Brian Knox Hemi. Jake Slingluff from Berlin, PA moved up from the runner-up spot in 2.6 Diesel a year ago to get second in RWYB with a nifty drive on “Empty Pockets”. And newcomer Bill Widenmeyer drove his twin turbo charged alky-fueled “Twin T” from West Salem, Ohio to third place. Last year’s RWYB Champ, Eddie Zedreck and “Thunder” was 4th on this night in the field of eleven. RWYB heads to the Bunker Hill Shoot-Out on Friday. Photos by Brock Johnson. Source View the full article
  8. The new smoothbore 3.6 Diesel class (formerly Open 2.6) started the season at “Diesel Dayz” with a field of seven (and missing both Jesse Warren and Joe Hemm – first and second a year ago). Bill Albert from eastern Pennsylvania brought his nicely prepared “On the Hunt” Dodge to town to grab the win. The truck is actually a 3.0 soothbore machine. The new Dodge of Nick Shearer (Cochranton) and Luke Hindman (Linesville) named “Joint Custody” proved to be a player right out of the box to get the runner-up spot. And the Ford of Brian Robbins, named “Night Train” was third on evening. Photos by Brock Johnson. Source View the full article
  9. Dane Ridenour from Bruceton Mills, WV traveled north to ‘Diesel Dayz’ to grab the win in the Triple Crown Series for Street Diesel Trucks with his 2005 Dodge. Second went to the smooth running ’01 Dodge of Greg Scheller while local guy Shawn Bell from Sandy Lake took third with his Chevrolet named “High Mile Hooker”. Photos by Brock Johnson. Source View the full article
  10. The opening leg of the Triple Crown Series for GAS 4×4 trucks was contested at Meadville, PA on Saturday night. David Ellenberger from Punxsutawney took up where he left off a year ago with a big win driving a 2013 Chevrolet named “Doomed”. The runner-up was Sean Matteson from Venango County with his 1972 Ford called “Old Blue”. Third went to Richard Gilson with a ’73 Ford named “Hell Boy”. The Triple Crown Series is for street licensed and ‘daily driver’ type trucks. Photos by Brock Johnson. Source View the full article
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    One of the greats in DIESEL Motorsports passed today . . . Scott Bentz of Rocky Mountain Cummins and the 1st DIESEL Rail Dragster to ever go down the track! Prayers sent to his wife and family! Many of you will remember him from the early days, he boldly fought cancer for many years. Blogger Free weblog publishing tool from Google, for sharing text, photos and video. Source View the full article
  12. Happy Mothers Day! #pullingradionetwork Source View the full article
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