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  1. This is nothing short of amazing. What an awesome crew to be around. That tent was full of people that will stop at nothing to achieve greatness. We all had one goal that night/morning and that was to get the Dirty Hooker Diesel / DHD team out on the dirt track that they know so well! Congratulations again guys. Very well deserved! This post has been bouncing around our heads for the last 24 hours and its time to put it in writing! #thethankyou Everyone please tag the people you were with! There is no doubt we’ve missed some people! Tristan Ramer and your team @ Locke Performance for the man power and tools to get it done! CLASS ACT Brett Deutsch for hanging in there all night and helping completely plumb this truck. Phil Devries, Christopher Nelson & the staff @ Exergy Performance for literally building a Bosch 15.1 harness to make this truck run on a collapsible card table in the corner of our tent lol…Animals! Tune, Calibrations, Functionality…NAILED IT. Walt and the staff @ Prime Diesel for their time and hard work of getting the fuel system “Primed” for competition. Mark Broviak and Danville Performance for the 2 totes of plumbing, parts and the air to water setup dropped off @ the tent. Jason Wehrli for busting out some intercooler tubing and welding aluminum on one leg of a pallet jack on a semi floor lol! The Humpe family for there rock solid setup support, wrenching and loaned parts. Eric and the guys @ Merchant Automotive for putting up with a damn near tent take over. Feeling blessed to have you as a tent buddy. We will find those sockets we borrowed haha The guys @ Daniel Performance Diesel and their awesome attitude under the truck in the wee morning hours. They never questioned if we’d get this truck done. It looked like you picked up the 6 totes of parts you selflessly left for us to pilfer through. Straight Legit. My core truck pit team that never gave up! Your knowledge, perseverance, and leadership among all the chaos was impeccable. Tyler Burkhard, Chad Thorley, Tony Hewitt, Seth Burkhard, John Humpe, Walt Schiemann, Phillip Furman, Jordan Messing, Zack Schweitzer, Eli Emming and Chopper! Thoroughbred Diesel for some “Last Minute” FASS pumps to make this thing Purrrr… Our 05 Dually Driver for taking one for the team lol Power Steering…check! The countless others in the tent we were rubbing shoulders with all night, Brent Bousma, Brian Lue, Trevor Lortie…all you guys! Tony Roberts Photography for capturing nearly every moment in pictures. Source
  2. POST UCC SALE This week only! Receive 15% off ALL Schaeffer’s products we have available on our website. Just use code: UCC19 during checkout and save! #lockeperformance #settingstandardstoexceedexpectations #schaeffersoil https://lockeperformance.com/b-25-schaeffers.html Source
  3. We all had an incredible, wild weekend at #UCC19. As usual, David’s truck ran pretty awesome and stayed in one piece. Just your average, full weight plow truck turning some pretty decent times on the track, pulling a sled, and bringing the whole crew(from Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan) together for a few days. To top it all off, we got to witness and lend a small hand with probably the greatest comeback in UCC history. Once again, a HUGE congratulations goes out to Tony Burkhard and the Dirty Hooker Diesel / DHD team for overcoming and accomplishing something most said would be impossible. Dave is not sure if the truck will be back, but we know we will be! Until next year… . . . . #ucc19 #lockeperformance #compassion #laneautomotive #allstarperformance #xcalliber #goerendtransmission #yukongearandaxle #socaldiesel #exergyperformance #schaeffersoil #suncoast #honorcreditunion #korhornfinancialgroup #selgeconstruction #stormchasersnowremoval #qualityrestorationservices #lubricationspecialtiesinc Source
  4. Many hands make light work. This truck went up in flames less than 24 hours ago and is ready to pull! Congratulations to the #DHD Team! Source
  5. Sled pull day! #UCC19 #lockeperformance #compassion #laneautomotive #allstarperformance #xcalliber #goerendtransmission #yukongearandaxle #socaldiesel #exergyperformance #schaeffersoil #suncoast #honorcreditunion #korhornfinancialgroup #selgeconstruction #stormchasersnowremoval #qualityrestorationservices #lubricationspecialtiesinc Source
  6. The rain has stopped and we are getting ready for the dyno! #UCC19 #lockeperformance #compassion #laneautomotive #allstarperformance #xcalliber #goerendtransmission #yukongearandaxle #socaldiesel #exergyperformance #schaeffersoil #suncoast #honorcreditunion #korhornfinancialgroup #selgeconstruction #stormchasersnowremoval #qualityrestorationservices #lubricationspecialtiesinc Source
  7. 3rd Pass on the drag strip: 6.49 @ 106.39 Source
  8. 2nd Pass on the drag strip: 6.57 @ 105.86 Source
  9. 1st Pass on the drag strip: 6.98 @ 99.37 Source
  10. At Locke Performance, LLC we value great character, both on and off the clock! David has it! We’re proud to partner with him in his endeavors!! #UCC19 —-CAUSES OFF THE CLOCK—- *An Honor Original Series, Part 1: Dave Martin, Compassion International and Ultimate Callout Challenge At Honor Credit Union, we support the passions of our Team Members and encourage community involvement and advocy in the causes that are near and dear to their hearts. A great example of this is our Facilities Manager, Dave Martin. During the day, Dave and his team are responsible for fixing…well, everything. From landscaping to light poles, construction oversight and crooked signs, the Facilities Team keeps us running at full speed. Off the clock, Dave is a Diesel Truck Guy, and recently qualified to compete in the largest diesel truck event in the nation – The Ultimate Callout Challenge. The “Truck Triathlon” is hosted in Indianapolis this weekend, and Dave will be competing among the 30 top trucks in the nation. But that’s not all…instead of raising sponsorships to pay for all that’s involved in competing at this level (parts, travel, fuel, etc), Dave decided instead to donate all of his sponsorships to a cause that’s even closer to his heart – Compassion International. This children’s ministry rescues kids around the world from poverty, both physically and spiritually. Dave has sponsored a child for a decade and wanted all of the money from his hobby to go to the cause that helps the most vulnerable. Take a listen to why Dave is involved in this group and why he thinks it’s important to be involved in causes and groups outside of work. If you’d like to join Dave in supporting Compassion International, you can make a donation here – www.compassion.com/davemartin And if you’d like to read more about Dave’s truck (it’s a pretty cool story) and the Ultimate Callout Challenge, click here – https://www.ultimatecalloutchallenge.com/2019/UCC/Competitors/Mart Source
  11. FOR SALE 2011-2016 Stock Bosch LML Duramax Injectors. Just came back from Exergy with a clean bill of health. Comes with new seals. $1500 obo. NO CORES NEEDED! Source
  12. South Bend Clutch “coming in clutch” and handling the business end of this clean 2015 6.7 Cummins. David Boggs, you should be able to put all of the power to the ground now. #lockeperformance #southbendclutch #settingstandardstoexceedexpectations #ram #cummins Source
  13. We have an exciting announcement to make about our truck pulls! Nappanee Power From The Past We have an exciting announcement to make about our truck pulls! Nappanee Power From The Past Source
  14. This grass truck got caught with it’s top off 2007 6.0 Powerstroke needing some cylinder head work. At only 8,800 miles and not a spot of rust on the body, we think this would be a cool truck to have if it ever retires! What’s your opinion? Would you rock a single cab dually? #lockeperformance #settingstandardstoexceedexpectations #arpbolts #6.0problems #powerstroke Source
  15. Monday mornings don’t have to be so bad….Especially when you do what you love and love what you do! HSPDiesel.com killin’ it with the shocker yellow on this #duramax. #lockeperformance #hspdiesel #settingstandardstoexceedexpectations Source