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  1. ****USED**** Danville 65mm VGT turbocharger. Charger just got back from Danville with a clean bill of health. Fresh bearings and seals, ready to drop in and go. It will fit 2004.5-2016 Duramax. If using on a 2011-2016, you will have to use a 2004.5-2010 downpipe. Asking $1,500 FIRM. Willing to ship on buyers dime. Message or call with any questions! 574-221-2077 Source
  2. It’s been all Powerstroke around the shop the past couple of weeks. 2012 6.7 Powerstroke came in with an engine knock. After determining a rod failure, it left with a new long block. The fun didn’t stop there! We also added a set of Exergy Performance 45% over fuel injectors fed by their 10mm CP4.2 injection pump and a beautiful Maryland Performance Diesel 66mm turbo/piping kit powdered in illusion blueberry. The white truck also received a new long block after dropping a connecting rod or two on the ground. This one was already equipped with a BD Diesel Performance turbo/piping kit, dual fueler, and we threw in a set of slightly bigger injectors while it was apart. #lockeperformance #settingstandardstoexceedexpectations #exergy #MPD #BDdiesel #ARP #6point7 #powerstroke Source
  3. Are you wanting to “boost” the performance of your LML Duramax without sacrificing drivability? We agree that reducing exhaust gas temperatures(EGT), retaining factory spool up, and being able to support 600+ horsepower is what your truck needs to make you fall in love all over again! We offer several drop-in turbochargers from all major manufacturers for GM, Ford, and Dodge! 574-221-2077 serviceteam@lockeperformance.com #settingstandardstoexceedexpectations #lockeperformance #calibratedpower #duramaxtuner #LML #duramax Source
  4. We are just about ready to get our weekend started, are you? As some of you may already know, we are having our customer appreciation cookout tonight from 6pm-8pm! Stop by to chat and grab a bite to eat if you’re in the area! #lockeperformance #settingstandardstoexceedexpectations Source
  5. ***ATTENTION*** LB7 Duramax owners. We will be offering a DIY fuel injector kit starting at $1,999! Send us a message or give us a call to discuss all of your options. 574-221-2077 #lockeperformance #settingstandardstoexceedexpectations #LB7 #Duramax Source
  6. Congratulations David Martin for finishing first place overall and qualifying for #UCC19! We are very proud of your hard work, dedication and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of your team! #settingstandardstoexceedexpectations #LockePerformance #LaneAutomotive #AllStarPerformance #Xcalliber #Defeo #RymanDesigns #Goerend #YukonGearandAxle #SoCalDiesel #Schaeffers #DanvillePerformance Source
  7. UCC18 truck pull day. Source
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  13. We have several applications in stock. Stainless and aluminized. 4” and 5”. With and without mufflers. We are shipping for FREE anywhere in the continental U.S.! Message us or give us a call to order! 574-221-2077 #settingstandardstoexceedexpectations #lockeperformance #jamoperformance #cummins #duramax #powerstroke Source
  14. Want to turn up the wick on your Duramax powered machine? 800, 900, 1000+ horsepower? We are teamed up with SoCal Diesel to bring you some of the best parts in the industry! Our engines are assembled in house with quality components to help guarantee you are making proven, safe power just like this one. Need a quote? Give us a call 574-221-2077. Email serviceteam@lockeperformance.com #settingstandardstoexceedexpectations #lockeperformance #socaldiesel #duramax Source
  15. Getting ready to cruise through the Nappanee Apple Festival Parade. What an awesome day to be out and about in our community! #lockeperformance #nappaneeapplefestival Source