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  1. SuperStock44

    Puller from Minnesota

  2. Can't wait for the Carl Lufkin Pull! Just got a new shed stock lawn tractor. Still thinking of a name. It might be, "The Sinister".
  3. SuperStock44

    Can Anyone Beat My High Score ?

    Haha yea, technically I should be in first.
  4. Come one, come all to the 2017 Carl Lufkin Pull for a Cure! The truck classes include Stock and Super Stock 4WD. The garden tractor classes are Shed Stock, Stock altered, Diesel, and Mini-Mod! There will be a new thing to try for the little ones, Power Wheels pulling! Those classes will be Stock and Stock Altered with a battery voltage limit. Learn more about it here: http://www.truckpullers.com/topic/18290-powerwheels-pull-coming-to-nys/ The 2017 Carl Lufkin Pull for a Cure will take place in Argyle, New York on July 15, 2017. You can learn more about it by checking out their Facebook page at "Pull for a Cure."
  5. SuperStock44


    I have a few events in mind that i'd like to add. My email is gta5lover11@yahoo.com
  6. Fun Fact: I'm actually not a truck puller, I love them, but i'm a tractor puller. But I always go in the pits at truck pulls because my uncle pulls, and we have connections.

  7. Make sure to like our Facebook page @ Truck Pullers!

  8. In "Truck and Member Introductions", you can introduce yourself and/or your Truck!